17 Revolted Men Share The Trashiest Thing They’ve Ever Seen A Girl Do In Public

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“An approx 30-year-old woman wearing those track suits with “Juicy” written across her bottom, walking with her daughter who looked 14 and was dressed like she was 25. I’m talking high heels, overdone makeup, and leopard print pants.

So the daughter winked and was flirting with one of the workers and the mum stops her, tells her to piss off and grab some milk, whilst she then started to flirt with the worker herself.”



“I wish this wasn’t true…

I once witnessed an older redneck man bringing his teenage daughter to the ‘family planning’ aisle at Wal-Mart.

I was next to them picking out condoms, and he tells her to pick out a ‘good’ pregnancy test. The daughter was flustered and the dad was obviously upset.

Seems like a somewhat likely scenario until I start to catch things they’re saying to each other in hushed voices.

Basically, dad had to explain the difference between ‘stepbrother’ and ‘half-brother’ to the daughter and why getting knocked up by a half-brother is not necessarily a genetically responsible thing to do.”



“This couple used to live above me and my now ex… I’d talk to the guy every once in a while. He was white, and she was Filipino I think, and about 7-8 months pregnant. We’d always hear loud banging and yelling in their apartment at night, and one evening a rumble so loud, it sounded like the refrigerator fell over. I’d ask the guy what was up with the noise, and he said she gets sort of moody. So one day, I’m down the street at the liquor store and notice the guy is in line in front of me, I tap him on the shoulder to say what’s up, and he turns around with the biggest shiner I’ve ever seen! I mean, I’ve been punched in the face and had a couple a doozy black eyes, but this thing looked like he got socked bare knuckle by Butterbean, had to have been 3-4 inches in diameter… I asked him what happened and he said he didn’t want to talk about it. So he leaves, I pay and walk home and see her on their balcony, big pregnant belly, scowl on her face, cigarette in one hand, Smirnoff ice in the other. Felt pretty bad for that dude.”



“My friend got this girl pregnant before graduating the high school. my friend realized the responsibility pretty quickly and worked all kinds of jobs. Meanwhile, the girl always goes out with friends, sells my friend’s stuff to buy useless and expensive shit, and got impregnated by another dude (who’s one of my bud’s classmates), and still finds the guts to play the ‘victim’ card on Facebook.”



“I had an elderly customer who always was super kind and friendly almost like a grandmother in a way. Well, one day she comes into my work and decides to run up to hug me. Before I knew what happened next I found myself back at my work station with an XL set of worn granny panties in my back pocket. Still gives me shivers down my back to this day.”



“Many, many years ago, when you could still smoke everywhere, I was at the grocery with my mother. I was pretty young. There was a woman in line in front of us, cigarette clamped in her mouth, with a baby slung in one arm. She flipped out because they wouldn’t take her check or something like that. All I remember is her yelling at the woman when the baby started to cry. Without missing a beat she began aggressively breast feeding the baby while continuing to curse out the woman around her cigarette. I can still remember how horrified I was at this woman’s behavior.”



“At Gilly’s in Vegas, a family from Kentucky barges through the crowd and the mom says ‘you got steaks right?’ There’s a menu on the wall and a stack of menus in front of her. The hostess says no. The woman starts cussing and yelling for a good 2 minutes before storming out.

My wife and I laughed as the first section of the menu was ‘Steaks.'”



“It was a friend of a friend. She was pregnant and chain smoking joints. I asked her why. She said it made her babies come out small, and she wasn’t about to have a wrecked up pussy from them.”



“At a small town gas station filling up my car and all gas cans from home ( I was there for a while ) when I hear a nonviolent domestic disturbance and a very pregnant woman comes angrily walking out the alley near by and over to the gas station. She walks over to the ash tray on the side of the building and starts looking for a butt big enough to smoke.

From up the alley, a man’s voice is heard yelling ‘(woman’s name) where are you! I’m sorry!’ Man gets to the gas station, woman threatens to call the cops if he takes another step towards her.

Gas station attendant comes out and begins mediating the situation, apparently this has happened before, and they proceed to air all their dirty laundry across a gas station parking lot.

Legal problems, infidelity, baby momma drama, drug problems you name it. Eventually, an apparent stranger agrees to drive the visibly intoxicated man to his mother’s house to sleep it off.

All the while pregnant lady is sifting thru the ash tray and smoking halfies

It was like jerry springer in real life condensed into about 7 minutes.”



“Just the other day a 40-year-old woman twerked for her son in the work boot store. Then proceeded to tell me she and her husband used to sext each other in the 80s. They were all weird.”



“Walking down a busy Glasgow street, passed a family of four. Son 12ish, daughter 10ish. All quite ‘plump’, so girl had the beginnings of boobs, but nothing you’d describe as such. She was wearing a t-shirt which had transfers of two cut-in-half oranges, which were placed over the said boob area.

Under the transfer read ‘Squeeze these‘.




“Backstory- In an ob/gyn office literally packed with mothers/soon to be mothers (easily 30 people)

Kid knocks ancient magazines over, immediately picks them up. ‘Mom’ then drags kid of indeterminate gender into the hallway, which is made of the glass front wall of the offices and beats this kid relentlessly.

I mind my business, but a rather large (not fat, just big) woman doesn’t. She says something and the child abuser and her proceed to fistfight while both visibly pregnant. The receptionist has had enough at this point and calls the cops. Cops come, an entire room of pregnant women confirm the story, big lady winds up free to go, self-defense… Made my wait go from an hour to three… Thanks.

But that doesn’t end this.

The true trashiness- I’m at WIC a couple of months or so later and there is the child beater, a creature who seems to be her sister, without the kid, complaining that ‘it’s bullshit y’all won’t give me my checks for (kids) cause I don’t have custody of the kids no more.'”



“I once saw a woman sharing a black and mild cigar with her son who couldn’t have been more than 10. I remember hearing her ask the kid if he wanted more before she stomped it out.”



“Saw a skinny woman, barefoot, in short gym-shorts and a sports bra, in what could only be explained as the 11th month of pregnancy, buying a mat-black 12 gauge shotgun from a sporting goods store.”



“Not as bad as some of the other things I read but…

A woman that was clearly pregnant smoking a cigarette… then passing it to her 5-year old boy, who then offered it to the toddler in the stroller only to have his mother take it from him, whilst saying “don’t just let ‘m burn. You have any idea how much these things cost?”

This was whilst she was waiting in front of a school so she could pick up her other kid.”



“I used to work at a grocery store and almost every day when I would go out for my lunch break, I’d see these 2 girls lift up the cigarette disposal things, pick out some of the more intact ones and start smoking them.”



“Was in line entering a music festival. About two hours of traffic getting to the gates. The car in front of us was stopped, and the passenger door opened. Lady steps out, drops trow, and starts pissing. The sight of piss bouncing off the tampon string was something you can’t un-see.”

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