I Hope You Wait For The Love You Deserve

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Ryan Brisco

I hope you understand that you’re a whole, complete person in spite of your broken heart.

When love has fled and abandoned you, don’t give into the hollow emptiness that invades you. When light has faded and plummets your life into utter darkness, don’t resign yourself to fate. When hope has disappeared and disappointed you, don’t cower in defeat, believing that there is no better tomorrow.

Hold onto faith that all your pain shall come to pass. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but some day. Be your own light to guide you out of life’s most devastating storm. Accept that all the love in the world resides inside your own heart.

I hope you find the courage to break free from your past.

Discard any belief that you’re unworthy of love. Cut the toxic people out of your life. Diminish the thinking that your past is the best you’ll get. Delete the messages from the people that you shouldn’t be texting. Remove any ambiguity from your relationship and decide you want labels. Erase away all the temporary people because you only want the one who’ll stay.

Don’t reminisce about your past loves, thinking you could never love someone new. Don’t settle with someone just because you want to fill the gap in your heart and the space in your life. Don’t tolerate toxic people thinking you’re unworthy of something better.

Know what you deserve and accept that there is something bigger meant for you. Wait for the love that will be every bit worth the wait.

I hope you follow your heart and do what it feels right.

Understand that everyone has a different timeline and there’s no need to rush to be with someone.

Embrace your singleness and selfishly fill your time with all that you cherish. Do what you want and let the sky be the limit. Accept that you’re your own person who has no need to dull your shine and restrain your awesomeness for anyone.

Because like the ocean is wild and strong, your magnificence cannot be restrained. Like the waves undetected and determined, you’ll rise again against all odds.

I hope you have the patience to wait for the love you deserve.

Because one day in the near future, you’ll wake up to good morning texts from the love of your life every single day, reminding you that you’re their first thought of the day. You’ll go about your day and smile at the thought of seeing them soon after work. You’ll continue growing and they’ll be beside you to celebrate every milestones and success that come your way.

You’ll be so at ease and yourself with them and they’ll love every inch of your imperfection because you’re good enough the way you are. You’ll feel the care and affection that they shower upon you and you feel so blessed as through your heart is bursting with joy and happiness. You’ll look at them and tell them you love them without any doubt in your mind and they’ll say it back immediately with no hesitation.

You’ll be amazed and grateful at how easy love is when you’re with the right person. You’ll feel assured and brave enough to embrace challenges and scary changes because you know they’re with you every step of the way. You’ll feel excited about the future because you cannot wait to begin the rest of your life with them.

And until you meet this person, don’t stop being yourself. Live fearlessly and trust that that everything will fall into place. Love daringly and believe that you deserve all the goodness in the world.

Because one day, you’ll finally be loved the way you’ve dreamed of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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