Love Is Scary, But Love Bravely Anyway

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Open your heart and love.

Dismantle your walls. Lower your guard. Diminish any barrier standing your way.

Love fiercely and fearlessly by not buying into any idea of what love should be. Allow yourself to fall in love without a care in the world. Follow your instinct and be unapologetically you.

It can be so utterly frightening sometimes. To fall in so deeply when you’re uncertain if your feelings are being returned. To give all your affection wholeheartedly without expectation.

But love anyway.

Love even when dark worries consume you. Love even when this happiness you have, this love you found, and this soulmate you’ve identified are fleeting. Love even when self-doubt creeps up to you that you’re not enough or deserving of love. Love even when uncertainties loom ahead.

Love even when you’ve poured all your overflowing affection into someone who may change their mind tomorrow. Love even when your insecurities speak the loudest. Love even when you give every piece of yourself to this person who may turn their back on you. Love even if, while you’re busy planning your future together, they’re growing to see how much better off they are without you.

I know you don’t want to. And I get that. I get that you never want to be caught off-guard. You think the worse kind of heartbreak is the love that leaves. You’re scared to give everything you have, only to be left with nothing.

Because it is indeed terrifying to love so deeply. To be naked in your vulnerabilities. To have the possibility of falling into ruins. To be out of your control. To chance getting your heart broken.

But sometimes the solution is simply to love more.

Love without restraint. Without reciprocation. Without expectation. In the midst of uncertainty, trust in your journey that everything will turn out it’s supposed to be. In each hurdle that blocks your path, face it bravely and never lose faith. In every stumbling block that deters you, be yourself and know that you tried your best so that you won’t live with any regret.

Because sometimes the remedy for fear of the unknown is simply to embrace it. Acknowledge what you’re feeling and think of reasons of why you may feel this way. Affirm that you’re bigger than whatever that is haunting you. And then, commit to letting them go. Cherish the person you’re with because right now is what you have.

In the realistic scene of modern love, never be afraid to be the one who cares more, who goes the extra mile, and who loves without holding back.

Be the one who texts back, makes the first move, and confesses your feeling. Reveal your emotion, show your most authentic self, and be vulnerable. Show up everyday and go the extra mile for the one you love. Wear your heart on the sleeve and do what feels right to you. Listen to your voice and live your truth. And never settle to a life beneath your big, generous heart.

Never give in to the compulsive dark emotions. Never give up striving for the life you know you deserve. Never stop choosing love.

You have to open your heart and be comfortable in your own skin. You have to give up your fears so that you can attain the love that is beyond your wildest dreams. Always choose love above all else.

Because love, the big, all-consuming, beautiful love that you believe in, is always worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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