This Is How I’ll Love My Forever Person

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Felix Russell Saw

This is how I will love you.

I will love you in the little things. The crease of your smile as I say something that makes you laugh. The sunlight that falls on your hair, making me unable to look away. The warmth of your hand as you hold mine protectively and interlock our fingers securely. The butterflies in my stomach as you touch my face before pressing a kiss on my lips. The shiver that runs down my spine as you deepen the kiss and I pull you closer knowing there’s nowhere else I want to be.

I will love you in the little things because they matter. Because I know it is not in the loudest gesture that says the most, but when you stay by my side unwavering day after day, quietly caring for me with no request for reciprocation.

I will love you in the friendship we forged with each other. The ease we slip into each other’s company. The stability I crave for in your arms. The home we found in each other feeling like we belong together.

With you, forever doesn’t seem long enough. Everyday feels like a brand new adventure and I’m excited for each day to begin. I’m in utter amazement with how we never run out of words to say. I look at you and the words just flow out, be it something so mundane that it bores even me or the things I thought I would never tell another soul.

I’m in constant wonder how can someone loves me the way you do.

I’m completely taken away by the way you love me—selfless and wholeheartedly, without holding back. With you, I experience the love that I used to only dream about. One that I know will last forever. With you, I feel grounded with reality, knowing you are there to catch me when I fall. I won’t have to battle your demon in the hopes of reaching your heart. I won’t have to be someone else to be someone you would want to be with. You make all my wildest dreams come true and fulfill my simple wish of being happy with you.

You inspire me to become a better version of myself. No matter what obstacles you face, you hold your head high and you don’t let them deter you. You encourage me to chase after my dreams and not settle for less. You keep me going and to never give up. You make me believe that our love story can withstand the test and endurance of time and we will both get the happy ending with each other.

I will love you fiercely and passionately in this reality because there is no need for an alternate one.

With you, I lose my need to imagine the person you are, and truly get to know who you are. I lose the need to wait for you to give me the love that I deserve, as you promise to love me for all of eternity.

With you, I have no need to try so hard and yet, I want to.

I want to love you with everything I have because you wouldn’t love me any less. I want to love you and only you because you are irreplaceable and I would fight to keep you in my life. Just as how I would expect nothing less from you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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