If You Let Me In, I Will Love You So Deeply

Dmitry Ratushny
Dmitry Ratushny

I’m not perfect, but if you let me in, I promise to take things slow.

I won’t rush our beginning. I will take my time getting to know you piece by piece, layer by layer. I will ask you about all the little things first. I will become your friend. I will listen to your stories and laugh at your jokes; I will tell you tiny bits of who I am, so that we begin to really understand each other. I will be tender, but firm. And I won’t walk away without giving us my all.

If you let me in, I promise to be honest with you.

I won’t play games. I will tell you what’s on my mind and what I need. I will listen to what you want from me, and try my best to love you how you need to be loved. I won’t change myself completely for you, but I will give you everything I have, and more. I won’t put up layers, but I’ll trust you. Even with the painful parts of my past.

If you let me in, I promise to kiss you with meaning.

I won’t let a night go by with us being angry. I won’t let our kisses become something routine and meaningless. When I kiss you, I’ll kiss all of me onto your lips. I’ll kiss you with heart, with passion. I’ll kiss you like no other woman has. I promise you’ll see the difference.

If you let me in, I promise to treat you right.

I won’t ever lose your trust or betray you. I won’t be sneaky behind your back and if there’s something we’re lacking or a part of me that hurts, I’ll tell you. I will treat you as my equal, give your dreams as much weight as mine in my mind. I won’t make you feel any less than you are—my rock, my love, my person.

If you let me in, I promise to share every part of me with you.

I will share with you the good and the bad, the silly and the important. I will be timid, but I will show you myself. I will show you my soul. Like a flower, I will open for you. Petals to the warm sun, I will open. If you let me.

If you let me in, I promise to keep you safe.

I will stand by you. I will support you. I will fight for you. I will be the body that holds yours up when you’ve lost the strength to stand. I will be what you need when you’re broken. I will nurse you back to full strength and I will keep you focused. I promise to keep you from as much pain as possible. And if you must suffer, I will be right next to you, facing the same demons.

If you let me in, I promise to believe in us.

In this world of superficial love, of temporary love, of surface love, I promise to be real. I promise to be stubborn for us when we consider pulling apart. I promise to choose you, even on our bad days. I promise to believe in us, even when the world leans us towards the direction of giving up. We will be imperfect and loving will be hard, this I know, but I won’t walk away. I will be yours. I will love you so deeply. This I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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