When Love Comes Back

When Love Comes Back

When love comes back, open the door slowly. Let its presence remind you exactly of what you used to let in before you watched it leave.

When love comes back, let it sew every detached thread that once convinced you love isn’t everything warm, comfortable, and confident—something that is supposed to make you feel your best when immersed in it.  

When love comes back, don’t ask it why it left before, ask it why it’s staying now.

When love comes back, show it who you are, where you’ve been, and who you have yet to become. Don’t let it scare you; let it open you up. Let love help you show yourself.

When love comes back, hold it a little closer, kiss it a little longer, touch it a little softer.

When love comes back, know you deserve for it to, over and over again, until it stays for so long that you know nothing else—until you accept nothing else. 

When love comes back, give it all you’ve learned. Plant parts of you inside of it so that you’re always a vital piece in its growth—turn your pain into the blossoms that you’re living proof of. 

When love comes back, show it where to put its things, how you like your space, and how you fold your sheets. Give it time to get to know you; give it the opportunity to be a decoration in your life.

When love comes back, know that the love that is meant to stay is one that will continue to come back over and over. Day after day. Again and again. Always making you feel more at home than before, always remembering where the little things need to be placed and how the sheets need to be folded.

When love comes back, remember to define it how you want to this time. Remember that it’s yours to keep—remember that it’s yours to come back to, too.

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