16 Things To Expect This Virgo Season

Virgo season is here! This Virgo season there are a lot of transitions in action. Not only have we had three full solar eclipses this year already (when we normally just have two), but we also have many planets in retrograde. Virgo season is unlike any other seasons because this earth sign is the most forthcoming, analytical, and progressive sign. This season is all about focusing forward and inward. This season is about movement and honesty. This Virgo season will require you to get real with your needs, who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, where you want to go, and who you should take with you.

Here are 16 things you should anticipate this Virgo season, you are not alone!

1. A few mental breakdowns just due to your brain being in overload and thinking about a lot.

2. Having a strong urge to figure out your next career moves and what you want to do for work.

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3. Re-discovering your motivation for your own self-care.

4. Feeling really lost for the last half of August and the first bit of September, but then gradually finding your way again.

5. Questioning your personal relationships, all of them.

6. Breakthroughs when it comes to communication and personal growth.

7. Having new ideas and discovering dreams you didn’t even know you had.

8. Feeling extra sensitive.

9. Taking everything and anything really personally.

10. Being really exhausted all of the time and having trouble managing your sleep.

11. Taking a new direction with your life.

12. Shedding all things that you no longer need.

13. Being able to be more wise than you are emotional.

14. Discovering answers to questions you have been asking yourself for decades.

15. Seeing things for what they are, rather than what you hope them to be.

16. Befriending yourself a little more than usual. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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