4 OMG Moments From ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Part 2 (That Have Nothing To Do With Polin)

ALERT: There are major spoilers for the new second part to Bridgerton Season 3. Go watch it before coming back here. I’ll wait.

We’ve all been waiting (mostly) patiently for the second part of Bridgerton Season 3 to grace our screens. After weeks of build-up thanks in large part to word-of-mouth, thirst traps, Nikola and Luke being adorable at press events, and TikToks of guys reacting to the carriage scene, it’s been a BIG lead-up. Alas, we finally got the second part yesterday and I dutifully binged all four episodes so I could write about them for you. It’s just the sacrifice I have to make as an entertainment writer. (AKA, I would have watched it regardless.)

While Penelope and Colin’s scenes weren’t as good as in Part 1 (we can get into that another time), that doesn’t mean there weren’t some stellar OMG moments in Part 2. Hopefully my walls are thick, otherwise my neighbors definitely heard me yelling at the screen. So what were the big Bridgerton moments, you ask? Let me regale you.

Benedict’s Little Giggle!

Honestly, I could have just put “BENEDICT!” and you all would have understood. Everything about Part 2 was an OMG moment where that man is concerned. But even before the copious scenes with Part 2’s favorite sexy trio (hilariously spliced throughout Lady Whistledown drama), we got the OMG moment of his reaction to Tilley when she first suggested he join her and her male friend. Benedict gave a cute little smile and giggle before excusing himself to go brood over his burgeoning queer awakening for a week. We love you Benedict.

The Bugs!


Leave it to Philipa Featherington Finch to have such an odd request for her ball. She wants bugs, and the more legs the better! What’s cute is that no one seems to tell her no. They’re just like, “That’s our Philipa…” Sure enough, during the Philipa/Prudence ball, she yells for the release of her bugs right after Penelope unmasks herself as Lady Whistledown. Did a bunch of creepy crawlies rain down on everyone? Nope! Instead it’s a gorgeous display of beautiful butterflies flitting around the ceiling. (Though, if you’ve seen the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, you know how much of a disaster this could have been.)

Francesca’s First Kiss!


This one’s an OMG in a sad kind of way. If you’d been wondering if Francesca Bridgerton and Lord John Kilmartin were kissing before their wedding ceremony, I think we can all agree that they definitely hadn’t. Up until the moment when their lips press innocently together, you’re hopefully that the bride was right when she said their love was just a slow burn. Truth be told, Francesca doesn’t react well. This isn’t the reaction you want from your first kiss. And it isn’t until a certain someone enters her life that she knows for sure she’s missing the necessary spark. Speaking of which…

Lord Kilmartin’s Cousin!


Okay, I’ve never read the books, but I have had my good friend and fellow Bridgerton fan Callie fill me in on everyone’s stories. If you don’t want a mild spoiler for Francesca’s upcoming story, maybe don’t read the rest of this paragraph. Here’s the thing: John isn’t her final match. After a bit of tragedy, she ends up with his cousin. In the books, his cousin is a man. So when we’re introduced to his cousin and the show has gender-bent the character…this was hands-down the biggest OMG of the night. Not only did we get one confirmed queer character this season in Benedict, but we’re also now getting a queer story for Francesca. Color me excited.

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