One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Will Show You What True Love Feels Like

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Brooke Cagle

One day you are going to meet someone different from the rest. And it won’t be because of their smile or their laugh or the way they say their name. It’ll be because of the way they make you feel. And for once in your life, you won’t be scared to love and to be loved.

One day you will meet someone who will make you excited for love. They won’t make you second guess it. They won’t cause you to have anxiety over if they like you or not.

You will just know.

With this person you won’t have to hide your true colors. You won’t have to hide in embarrassment over your flaws and your imperfections. You won’t have the ‘what if’s’ running around in your head. You won’t have the questions and the concerns and the maybes.

When you meet this person you won’t have to shudder in fear. You won’t have to second guess anything. You won’t have to second guess their love for you. And when they say they aren’t going anywhere, you’ll know it’s true.

Someday, you won’t feel this fear. You won’t feel this longing. You won’t feel this void. This hole in your heart.

And someday, someone is going to change your life. Because they are going to show you what true love means and feels like. They are going to show you that real love is something that doesn’t end. And that finally, you don’t have to run away. Finally, you won’t have to brace yourself for impact. You won’t have to get beaten up and broken by unrequited love.

One day you won’t be so scared and frightened of getting hurt. You won’t be terrified of being broken. Of losing another piece of your soul and your heart. You won’t be so scared of being fragile. Scared of losing so much of your love that you and give and give and give.

One day you will be able to breathe knowing that this person won’t leave. You’ll be able to breathe knowing that this love is going to stay. And that this person isn’t going to abandon you or run away. You’ll know deep inside your heart that this love won’t ever break you.

You’ll be able to live and to laugh and to cry and to breathe more easily along side this person. You’ll be able to finally be yourself. To show them your flaws and scars and wounds. You’ll be able to show this person your full heart knowing that they will not turn away from you.

One day you’ll be able to wake up next to the love of your life. You won’t feel anxious. Or scared. Or blue. Or worried. You won’t feel petrified, or feel like it’s so hard to breathe.

You’ll just feel love. Finally. Real love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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