There Will Always Be That One Person Who You Won’t Ever Stop Loving

Allef Vinicius

If you truly loved that person, that love will never die or go away. Because even if the relationship ended or burned out, it doesn’t mean you will automatically stop loving that person. In fact, if that love was real, you’ll love them until the end of time.

Love doesn’t just diminish that easily. It doesn’t fade that suddenly. 

It doesn’t matter how old you were when you fell in love for the first time. It doesn’t matter how long you dated or if you were even in an exclusive relationship. It that love was love, it’s going to always be inside of you. It’s always going to be alive in parts of both of you.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you have seen him or her. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen this person for five or six years. That magical and beautiful love will still live on.

If love were that easy to forget, we wouldn’t be so addicted to it, would we?

You won’t ever forget this person. And just like you won’t forget them, you won’t ever stop loving them. At first you’ll be in a state of denial. You’ll try everything to make it stop. You’ll drink too much cheap beer or $6 dollar bottles of wine. You’ll party too much, or not party at all lying in a pile of desperation in your bed. You’ll think that if you try hard enough, that part of your heart that is missing will be filled.

But no vice is going to fill up that space.

And you know, after some time it’s not going to hurt as much. That space that once was a hole in your heart, will one day sprout the most beautiful flowers. It will still be a wound, but it won’t cry anymore. It won’t always sting this much. 

You’ll never stop loving them. You’ll love their smile and the way they whispered your name late at night. You’ll love the way they used to laugh at your jokes that weren’t even remotely funny. You’ll still love their smell and the way they always stole the sheets from your side of the bed.

You’ll love the things about them that used to drive you crazy.

You’ll still dream of them and think of them frequently. You’ll wonder what they are doing now, you’ll wonder if they ever think of you like you think of them. You’ll wonder if they still love you like you love them. You’ll always wonder.

You’ll be stuck in a state of longing and loving and it’s going to hurt. Trust me, love isn’t all daises and butterflies. It’s going to hurt to miss them. It’s going to hurt to keep loving them long after they have left you.

But one day, you’ll realize how much of a blessing this is. To have experienced big, great love. To have given someone a piece of heart without shaking hands. You’ll realize how special it truly was to love, and be loved back.

One day you’ll realize that loving them will never go away, but instead of allowing it to tear you apart, you’ll let it be. You’ll just let it be, blooming away and sprouting the way love always does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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