11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Having A Panic Attack

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

1. You get overwhelmed with a feeling of dread that seems to comes out of nowhere.

A panic attack can happen at any time, anywhere. You could be at work, or out with friends, when all of a sudden, you’ll feel a horrible sense of dread and fear.

2. You feel like someone is choking you.

When a panic attack takes a hold of you, breathing becomes something that isn’t easy to do. It can truly make you feel like all the air is being sucked out of your lungs, and like someone is grabbing at your throat.

3. You get tingles up and down your hands and legs.

Sometimes, powerful panic attacks can cause you to feel ‘tingles’ running through your hands, legs, and even your feet. This can be truly alarming if you have never experienced it before.

4. Your chest feels incredibly tight.

Panic attacks can be incredibly scary, and frightening. Some attacks will cause your chest to ache and hurt in a way it never has before.

5. You feel like you may be having a heart attack.

Many people with Panic Disorder mistaken panic attacks for heart attacks. A lot of the time, they show up at the hospital because they truly think they are dying. In reality, panic attacks can make you have severe chest pains.

6. Your heart rate skyrockets.

Panic attacks will cause your heart rate to speed up at a rapid rate. The ‘fight or flight’ response gets your blood pumping and even though you usually aren’t in any danger, your brain is telling you that you are.

7. You get intense hot flashes.

These attacks have a mind of their own and can cause your entire body to heat up, despite the temperature in the room. Because the anxiety can be so intense, you sometimes will feel like every bone in your body is on fire.

8. You feel lightheaded all of a sudden.

Feeling faint and dizzy is a common sign that you are having a panic attack. While you normally don’t actually faint, the feeling of being lightheaded is quite alarming and scary.

9. You can’t stop trembling or shaking.

During these attacks, uncontrollable shaking can occur. This is one of the most common symptom of anxiety because the attacks cause your body to react as if you are in real danger.

10. You feel like your throat is closing up and like you can’t take any deep breaths.

Sometimes, you may feel like your breathing has turned shallow and like you have little room in your throat to get air to your lungs. This symptom is one of the most frightening one of all, because in your head you really think you are dying.

11. You feel incredibly nauseous.

An upset stomach and nausea can definitely happen during a panic attack. Because  your body is under so much stress during a panic attack, it can hit your stomach hard and can cause you to feel incredibly sick. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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