40 Little Things You Look Forward To When You’ve Met The Right Person

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1. Deleting your dating apps.

There is something that just makes you really happy knowing you aren’t available anymore.

2. Corny traditions like apple picking.

Maybe it’s done solely for the Instagram opp but even the silliest of things are fun with the right person.

3. Having a +1 to weddings.

It’s that moment you don’t have to walk away during the slow dance.

4. Having a +1 to any and all events.

Any events you have you know they’ll be right there with you.

5. Bringing someone home for Thanksgiving.

It’s terrifying the thought of them meeting everyone but you realize this year what you’re most grateful for is them.

6. Christmas presents.

Sharing in traditions or holidays even if they’ll not your own. It’s thinking a little more and wanting to get them something really good.

7. Staying in on a Friday.

Realizing you don’t have to go out to meet people. And you realize how content you are just staying in with the person you care about.

8. Going out with the same person you’ll go home with.

Or just going out with them to your favorite bar. And you remember when you used to leave alone or leave with someone you might have just met. But there’s something about going home with them that makes you happy.

9. Calling them your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s not just about the label. It’s adding how real this thing suddenly is.

10. Running into an ex and it not hurting.

You run into someone from your past and yeah your heart still pounds sometimes when you cross paths with certain people but there is a calmness when you introduce to the two of them. And you’re looking at this person you thought you’d never get over, not only have you but you’ve done better and healed.

11. Halloween traditions. Like costumes or pumpkin picking.

As corny as it is dressing alike is kind of cool.

12. Vacations together.

That first vacation traveling you realize you can tolerate each other.

13. Just waking up next to someone and being happy.

They are the first thing you see every day and there’s something really special about it.

14. Watching sports together.

Even if you like opposite teams you get to share in those little moments.

15. Building a life together.

Suddenly you don’t remember what your life was like alone. That’s scary but also exciting.

16. Dates.

It doesn’t need to be over the top. Something as simple as pizza and staying in is exciting with the right person.

17. Sharing in your interests.

Everyone has those things they keep close to them. They interests that are all theirs but when you meet the right person and you feel they are worthy of sharing that part of your life with, it’s beautiful.

18. Having someone to talk to every day.

You talk every single day and you don’t run out of things to say to each other.

19. Being able to really rely on someone when you need them.

You need them to be somewhere and they won’t let you down because they care about you.

20. Someone seeing you at your worst and staying.

Everyone fears this moment. But then you wake up and nothing has changed and all it does is add confidence to each other.

21. The milestones.

Whatever that means for you just getting to that point and overcoming certain things when other relationships couldn’t.

22. Day trips.

It’s the little adventures that make things exciting.

23. Binge watching shows.

It’s waiting for them to watch a show together because you can’t-do it alone now.

24. Getting spoiled/spoiling someone.

Here’s someone you get to surprise any time you’d like to.

25. Falling in love with their pet.

It’s not only them you fall in love with but their animals too.

26. Just falling in love in general.

Then you watch yourself falling faster and faster but this time it’s okay because they are falling with you.

27. Those songs that suddenly make you think of them.

Those songs about love and relationships you used to pass on the radio suddenly make complete sense.

28. Telling someone you aren’t single.

It’s flattering to be hit on but you know there isn’t anyone better than the person waiting for you at home.

29. Having relationships with their family.

You don’t just build a relationship with them you build one with their family too.

30. Having someone to share a life with.

It’s suddenly not just your life but this life you have together.

31. Always having someone to go out with.

Suddenly you have this best friend just there all the time.

32. Just spending time with them is enough.

You realize it doesn’t matter what you do what matters is them.

33. Leaving things at their house.

Suddenly their place is an extension yours and it’s okay to leave stuff behind when you know you’ll be back.

34. Realizing your first fight doesn’t change things.

Every couple fights but that first big fight doesn’t end it for you guys.

35. Hearing the words I love you for the first time.

You remember the first time you heard or said it and you were taken back and you realized in that moment your heart decided for you.

36. Talking to your friends about someone.

In the past, you might have only talked about the parts of relationships that weren’t good but now that’s not the case.

37. Overcoming the things you’re afraid of.

This person pushes you to overcome your fears and become a better version of yourself.

38. Getting to know even the bad parts of someone.

No one is perfect even the ones you love but you realize their flaws are a small price to pay for all the good that comes with them.

39. Every deep and drunk conversation.

Suddenly you’re telling someone things you haven’t even said out loud to yourself. But it’s okay.

40. Looking at someone and just being sure of them.

They are your best friend. Your only choice. Your better half. The best thing that’s ever happened in your life and everything about them makes you feel safe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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