I Have Pinterest Level 'Mermaid Hair' And You Can Too With These 13 Professional Approved Products

I Have Pinterest Level ‘Mermaid Hair’ And You Can Too With These 13 Professional Approved Products

If you’ve seen me or stalked me online or in person (hopefully just seen me and haven’t actually stalked me in person) you’ve probably either noticed one of two things first about me. Either that I’m way shorter than you’d ever have anticipated. Or, my hair.

I’ve talked a lot about how in 2017 as part of a commitment to being happier with my appearance and as a an act of self-care given the current state of the world, I’ve really invested in beauty. I’ve talked at length about skincare, but one of the things I haven’t really talked about is how I keep this mop looking, well, pretty sick.

Hair By Ezra/Instagram

But truthfully, aside from the growing it myself part, I can take absolutely zero credit for this amazing, Pinterest-worthy, mermaid hair.

Hair By Ezra/Instagram

All of the credit goes to my actual Wizard of a colorist, Ezra of @hair.by.ezra. at the Gene Juarez Salon and Spa

I think Jenna Marbles once said, “Life is too short to not have really exciting hair,” and honestly? I owe it to Ezra for making my unicorn, mermaid, crazy fun hair dreams come true. When my hair looks great and exciting and head-turn-worthy and healthy, I feel better about myself. And that’s something I frankly don’t take lightly.

But having high maintenance, bleached out, color-treated hair isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s time consuming. It needs some TLC. It’s something that requires diligence and care if you want it to continue looking and feeling the best it possibly can. Which is why I asked Ezra, the professional hair magician that he is, to list out some of his absolute favorite products for hair that’s been processed similar to mine. He’s here to tell you exactly what you need to maintain that beautiful head of hair you’ve been dreaming of and probably spent a pretty penny on achieving. Because the way you have to think about your hair, especially when you’re doing something as drastic as a “fashion color” (aka: getting mermaid colored hair) to it is that it’s an investment. And you need to protect your investment.

If you’re thinking about going a little wild with your hair, I say go for it. Just find your Ezra (seriously I think your colorist in this situation is a more serious and important relationship that any significant other will ever be), and make sure you actually implement products like this into your daily (or in my case…once a week-ish) routine.

Or as Ezra says way more eloquently: “Your hair is your single greatest accessory. Love her, take care of her. It’s the crown you never take off.”

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