I Have Pinterest Level 'Mermaid Hair' And You Can Too With These 13 Professional Approved Products

I Have Pinterest Level ‘Mermaid Hair’ And You Can Too With These 13 Professional Approved Products

Kérastase Résistance Line


Ezra Says:

You need: Strength.

Hair type: Very damaged and over-processed. Any texture or density.

Shampoo: Bain Force Architecte

Conditioner: Ciment Anti-Usure

Serum: Kérastase Sérum Thérapiste

What it does: The quintessential line for damaged girls. Rather than plant based like Phytodess, Kérastase is more science-y. The entire line has Pro-Keratins which mimic the function of keratin and help to rebuild the hair. The serum is a must-have for my bleach and tone clients. Sérum Thérapiste is a thermal protectant and a dual serum that is kept separate until pumped into the hand. When mixed together, the serum makes a little chemical reaction and deposits itself into the hair shaft, filling any sort of holes left by chemical or heat damage. This reinforces and resurfaces the hair fiber while protecting against future split ends. It has a smooth shiny finishes and really glues hair back together.

Kendra Says:

I’m pretty lazy and if I’m not actually going anywhere (so read: most of the time) I don’t really do much with my hair besides letting it dry in French Braids or leaving it space buns or something. But if you have processed hair and aren’t using a thermal protectant again: you’re doing it wrong. Your hair is already more damaged because of the processing you do to it to get it to that color. From someone who has dealt with a fair amount of breakage in her day: you have to make sure you’re doing something to counteract the damage. Your hair will thank you.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo


Ezra Says

You need: To extend days between shampooing.

Hair Type: Any.

What it does: Everyone loves a good dry shampoo, and everyone loves Oribe’s Dry. However Oribe’s Dry is not a true Dry Shampoo, but rather a texturizing spray that doubles as a dry shampoo. This is a TRUE dry shampoo. What makes this different than other dry shampoos is that you’ll never get that chalky dry shampoo look because this dry shampoo is translucent! It never adds texture, grip, or weight, which is perfect for people looking to wash their hair less and extend their color longevity. In other words, the ultimate dry shampoo.

Kendra Says:

Truth time: I used to hate dry shampoos. I have a lot of hair, but it’s relatively fine and I’ve been basically white blonde for most of the year. I also felt like most dry shampoo got cakey and grimey and weird on my hair because of my hair type, and because it was so light you could also always *kind of* see it which defeated the entire purpose. But Oribe has such a loyal following (if you like literally any beauty blogger or YouTuber, I guarantee they’re obsessed with Oribe) for a reason. They make a superior product. This is the only dry shampoo I’ll use. It’s awesome.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil


Ezra Says:

You need: Volume and TLC.

Hair Type: Normal to fine blonde hair.

What it does: All the nourishing benefits of hair oils without being weighed down or greased out. Formulated with maize, pracaxi, camellia, and argan oil, this spray deeply nourishes and adds incredible shine. However, it is also formulated with patented INTRA-CYLANE to create a durable structure in the hair shaft and amplify the diameter of each fiber. This means you get all the benefit and hold of a volumizing spray, with all the conditioning benefits oil treatments. Shake to mix the oil and volume, then pamper away, blondé.

Kendra Says:

Whenever I’m back to blonde, this is something that’ll be in my routine for sure. Best advice I can give: ask your stylist and your colorist what products you should be using and actually listen to them. They’re the professionals, they know what they’re talking about, and they want you to have the best hair you can possibly have. When you have happy and healthy hair, it’ll be easier for them to work with. And when you have hair they can work with that’s happy and healthy, it’ll look its best. Win win.

Color Wow Brass Banned Mousse

Color Wow

Ezra Says:

You need: Volume and toning.

Hair type: For blondes OR brunettes.

What it does: Renews bounce in hair and is lightly tinted to continually tone your hair. Formulated with rosins (think a rubber-like substance from trees), this mousse gives a soft and flexible texture with an added oomph. Comes in two different colors – Lavender for blondes to keep the yellow away, and Teal for brunettes to keep red at bay. Perfect for the peeps that always feel their color is too warm.

Kendra Says:

Remember how I said my “too much gene” made me hesitate about trusting myself around products like Overtone? I don’t feel that way about this. This is a toning product I would trust myself (someone who literally just left a face mask on 30 minutes longer than recommended) to use. Very user friendly, which is something I appreciate from a product.

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray


Ezra Says:

You need: Thermal protection and a faster blow dry.

Hair Type: Any.

What it does: Gives the ultimate blowout. A thermal protectant, smoother, and a blow dry accelerator. I’m sorry, what? This little friend has a sugar molecule that makes the water evaporate from the hair faster, give you a faster blow dry. The mental preparation for styling long hair is real, and this guy will make things easier. Blondes especially like to hold on to water because of damage, making for a longer blow dry. Makes things easier with this. For finer hair, layer in Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray Pre-Styler.

Kendra Says:

Remember. Everybody. Loves. Oribe. You kind of can’t go wrong with anything in their line. If they make it, you’ll probably love it.

Renee Furturer Lissea Leave-In Smoothing Fluid

Rene Furterer

Ezra Says:

You need: Smoothing.

Hair type: Unruly.

What it does: You’ve had some chemical processes done and now your hair looks like a literal broom when air dried. This little magic bottle packs a punch so a little goes a long ways. It’s a smoothing and nourishing fluid that protects hair from heat and also gives anti-humidity protection. Boom.

Kendra Says:

I looove a leave in treatment. Anything that can help tame some of the frizz and texture of my hair and keep things feeling “text all my friends because my hair is so soft” kind-of-soft is a win and a must have and a “take my money and give it to me” kind of product in my book.

Honorable Mention: Bumble & Bumble All-Style Blow Dry

Bumble & Bumble

Ezra Says:

You need: Thermal protection AND dry shampoo.

Hair type: Any, especially oil-prone.

What it does: Your dry shampoo for tomorrow. This cream protects your hair from any hair styling, and has dry shampoo powders and polymers already included so you get more longevity out of your blow dry. You can use a TON of this and your hair will never feel gross. A true winner in extending your washes and keeping your color clarity longer.

Kendra Says:

Again: I don’t have this and now I want it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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