I Have Pinterest Level 'Mermaid Hair' And You Can Too With These 13 Professional Approved Products

I Have Pinterest Level ‘Mermaid Hair’ And You Can Too With These 13 Professional Approved Products

Rene Furterer Lumicia Enhancing Shine Rinse

Rene Furterer

Ezra Says:

You need: Color Protection.

Hair type: Any texture. Fashion colors.

What it does: You’ve had some sort of lightener in your hair and then turned it purple. Or pink. Or teal. Or any color of the rainbow. You love your color and you want it to stay as long as possible. You may have noticed less shine, and more tangles. This spray is here for that. While in the shower after shampooing and conditioning, spray the rinse in to the hair and work it through, then rinse with cool water. Thanks to cherry vinegar this spray closes the cuticle of the hair, smoothing and adding shine in the process, while making detangling easier. As an added bonus, because your cuticle has now been slammed shut, your color is not able to bleed as easily and stays with you longer. A go-to for any fashion color client.

Kendra Says:

I use this every time I wash my hair and it has made such a difference as far as tangling and fade is concerned. (Note: I also only wash my hair max twice a week. Something you have to be ready to get used to if you have colored hair imo!) If you bleach your hair you’ve probably noticed the way it kind of matts and almost dreads up, especially in the lower, underneath layers. But this has made the texture of my hair way easier to manage and work with. It’s a little weird to get used to spraying liquid onto already wet hair, but the product disperses really well so even if you feel like you aren’t spraying enough, you probably are. The only thing I don’t really ~love~ about it is the scent—thank the vinegar for that one. But it washes out and doesn’t linger in the slightest so that’s not something you’ll have to worry about.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo


Ezra Says:

You need: Toning.

Hair type: Blondes.

What it does: You’ve heard of purple shampoo, but this isn’t that shampoo. This is the purple shampoo that your mother warned you about. This is for the blonde that doesn’t want to see a lick of yellow in their hair. With more toning power than any other purple shampoo out there, this is the go-to shampoo for when you need some serious toning. Shampoo until the suds turn from purple to white and that’s when the tone has been absorbed. Be careful not to overuse this, as this bad boy can turn your hair lavender on the lightest parts. But for the blonde that doesn’t want to see any yellow, better lavender/silver than yellow, amirite?

Kendra Says:

If you’re blonde and aren’t using purple shampoo, you’re doing it wrong. That’s all.

Overtone Conditioners


Ezra Says:

You need: Fashion color maintenance.

Hair type: Any texture, single all-over fashion color.

What it does: These conditioners are a game-changer. Are you a human with hair a color of the rainbow? Then this is for you. While I don’t advise these for someone with multiple fashion colors in their hair (let’s not ruin what your colorist worked so hair to create), this is for those of us with a single fashion color in our lil’ hairs. These conditioners are hyper-pigmented with loads of dye to add color to your hair with every wash. Do you have a friend who’s hair color literally never seems to fade? They’re probably using this. Overtone is awesome because they come in three different intensities of every color: pastel, vibrant, and extreme. While their color selection doesn’t have as many customized shades as your colorist can create in the salon, there will at least be a pastel shade that can maintain your color in between visits.

Kendra Says:

Truthfully I don’t use this because I have what I lovingly refer to as a “too much gene” and I fear that I would go Overtone Overboard and completely screw up the beautiful color that Ezra spends literal hours creating. But the difference you see with people who have really vibrant hair and use Overtone is actually insane. That girl with the hot pink hair who looks like it basically grows that way? She’s 100% using Overtone.

Phytodess Manketti Shampoo and Creme Precious


Ezra Says:

You need: Strength. Moisture. Color protection. A hair vacation.

Hair Type: The chronically processed.

What it does: Let it be know: I’m obsessed with Phytodess. Their priority is the health of your hair, and as a colorist I could not wish for a better canvas than what their products create. All products are sulfate free to protect your moisture content, and free of silicones to allow your hair to absorb what it needs. Rather than cosmetically fix a problem with cheaply made silicones, Phytodess addresses the needs of the hair to nutritionally correct any problems. With Manketti shampoo, this is your post-processing shampoo. Enriched with manketti oil, phytokeratins (think plant-based strength), and ceramides, this shampoo will keep your hair strong, protect against breakage, and preserve your color. My go-to for my chronic blondes.

The complimentary conditioner is actually a mask that can be used every time you shampoo. With over 30 different active ingredients (silk proteins, amino acids, vitamins E and F to name a few), this mask truly provides all the nutrients you need to restore vitality back to the hair fiber. After shampooing, work into hair mids and ends for 5 minutes and rinse. A worthy investment.

Kendra Says:

This is what I use! The conditioner is a game changer. The first time I used it I sent about 5 texts to people that just said, “Holy shit I got a new conditioner and I’m out at a bar and can’t stop touching my own hair.” And as obnoxious as that was, it was also true. But after being so used to having processed hair that doesn’t really ever feel truly healthy, finding a line that makes your hair feel happy again is honestly life changing. For being bleached, toned, dyed, twisted, used, abused, and thoroughly entertained, my hair actually feels healthy and soft. Can’t say enough about this line, it’s amazing.

Phytodess White Tea and Buriti Mask


Ezra Says:

You need: Moisture and color protection.

Hair Type: Literally anyone with colored hair.

What it does: Phytodess White Tea Shampoo is my go-to shampoo for all of my clients. ALL OF THEM. Do you have colored hair? White Tea Shampoo would benefit you. This shampoo was specifically designed to protect color treated or highlighted hair. It cleans gently, protects color with white tea antioxidants, and hydrates while restoring shine with coconut oil lipids. Are you blonde and feeling like you’ve lost your healthy hair sheen? This will give you hair a giant, healthy hug.

To complement the shampoo, use the Phytodess Buriti Mask. The Buriti Mask works to preserve the radiance of your hair with buriti oil, shea oil, and illipe butter, while protecting your color and nourishing the hair fiber. A no-brainer.

Kendra Says:

The Phytodess line makes me feel like an adult who like, probably makes her bed every morning and definitely didn’t fall asleep with candles burning last night. It’s grown up shampoo and conditioner and not just stealing a couple pumps of whatever from your roommate.

But all jokes aside it’s a fantastic line. I love how it smells and the way that it’s completely changed the overall texture and quality of my hair since I’ve started using it regularly.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Pre-Styler

Bumble & Bumble

Ezra Says:

You need: VOLUME.

Hair type: Good for any, mainly for normal to fine hair.

What it does: My favorite styling product. Have you ever used a mousse or a volumizing spray and then immediately regretted it later? I’m talking the sticky, tacky, crunchy regret. This product gives all the volume but none of the regret. Have you ever heard the old tale that washing your hair with beer will give it volume? Well it does, but your hair stinks afterwards. This follows the same logic, but smells like Smarties candy. Formulated with wheat proteins, this spray coats each strand of hair individually for a fuller density while being conditioning and protecting your hair from heat AT THE SAME TIME. Crazy. The perfect spray for the chronically chemically treated that needs some oomph.

Kendra Says:

I don’t have this but now I want it.

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