23 Signs You’re Proudly From The Midwest


1. You internally lol at the idea of actually getting a snow day and not just a “the busses are delayed by an hour” day.

2. You’ve apologized to an inanimate object for running into it.

3. The second it transitions from below 35 degrees outside to maybe, mid-50s, you consider it “shorts and t-shirt” weather.

4. You know in your soul that lakes truly are superior to the ocean.

5. It’s not truly autumn for you without visiting a corn maze or a haunted farm.

6. Things like tater tot hotdish, beer cheese soup, and Cincinnati chili don’t sound like drunk concoctions to you, because you know they’re actually wonderful comfort food.

7. And if you need to win anyone over, you know that puppy chow is the without question way to their heart.

8. Pop > Soda

9. It doesn’t faze you if the weather goes from 70 degrees one day to blizzard-ing the next. That’s pretty normal tbqh.

10. There’s at least one “mom” phrase you catch yourself saying on a regular basis. (Examples include: For Pete’s Sake, Oh Lord, and Dontcha Know.)

11. Most of your Halloween costumes growing up were ruined because you had to wear a parka over it or a snowsuit under it in order to go trick-or-treating.

12. Going to a bonfire is still your idea of a killer Friday night.

13. At least one of your friends got their license at an absurdly young age, like 14, because they either lived on a farm or your state truly believes 14 and a half year-olds should drive. (Looking at YOU, North Dakota.)

14. Two words: Jello Salad. Two more words: Yes, please.

15. It takes you roughly 45 minutes from the time you get ready to say goodbye to when you actually leave wherever you are or hang up the phone.

16. At least once when running late to school or work you risked your life by not completely scraping your windshield off in the Winter, and calling a little patch of clear windshield sufficient.

17. You may love Starbucks but Caribou will always have a special, special place in your heart.

18. Someone in your graduating class took their senior picture in a corn field or posing on top of a hay bale.

19. If you’re driving and see someone who even looks nice, not even someone you personally know, you give them the good ol’ one finger driving wave.

20. You’ve braved the parking lots of the Mall of America and lived to tell the tale. (RIP Camp Snoopy.)

21. Every summer you try to convince your friends to go to the fair with you.

22. You’re sharing this article with your friends and dying over the memories of trying to brave winters in flip flops, getting sunburned on the pontoon, or taking “artsy” photos next to a soybean field.

23. Because you know no matter how far you move away, or how much you try to suppress that accent, the Midwest is always home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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