10 Workplace Romance Movies For When You’re Crushing On A Coworker

From steamy flings to heartwarming connections, these 10 workplace romance movies perfectly capture the excitement and challenges of falling for a coworker.

Having a thing for someone at work can be both exhilarating and totally nerve-wracking. One minute you’re casually chatting by the coffee machine, and the next you’re full-on daydreaming about running off together to some tropical paradise. But workplace romances can be messy IRL. So if you want to indulge in a little vicarious office romance, here are 10 movies that capture the excitement, tension, and butterflies of falling for someone at work.

Jerry Maguire (1996)

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Jerry Maguire stars Tom Cruise as a slick sports agent who ditches his fancy job to start his own agency. After hiring a young single mom, played by Renee Zellweger, as his accountant, he begins to fall for her. It’s a classic will-they-or-won’t-they that perfectly captures that thrill of falling for someone at the office. And who can forget Jerry’s legendary line, “You had me at ‘hello?'” Watch Jerry Maguire on Amazon Video.

What Women Want (2000)

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What Women Want is a fun workplace rom-com with a magical twist. Mel Gibson portrays a chauvinistic ad executive who gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts after suffering a freak accident. With his new mind-reading powers, he hears the innermost thoughts of his boss, played by Helen Hunt, and tries to use them to get ahead at work. But of course, the more he learns about what women really want, the more he starts to fall for her. It’s a lighthearted, feel-good look at how truly listening to the person you’re crushing on at the office can lead to unexpected love. Watch What Women Want on Amazon Video.

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

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Two Weeks Notice is a classic office romance that’ll have you dreaming about finding love at your 9-to-5. Sandra Bullock is a super uptight lawyer who butts heads with her billionaire real estate mogul boss, played by the always charming Hugh Grant. Their bickering fuels the romantic tension bubbling underneath. And by the end, you’re rooting for them to finally get their act together and give in to their epic chemistry. Watch Two Weeks Notice on Amazon Video.

No Reservations (2007)

Warner Bros.

No Reservations is a mouth-watering workplace rom-com that brings romance to the kitchen. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays an ambitious chef who butts heads with her accomplished new sous chef, played by the dreamy Aaron Eckhart. They’re at each other’s throats at first. But eventually, the heat between them gets hotter than the stoves. It’s a steamy, delicious look at workplace tensions boiling over into romance.  Watch No Reservations on Amazon Video.

The Proposal (2009)

Walt Disney Studios

The Proposal is a total workplace romance gem that’ll have you fantasizing about an office fling! Sandra Bullock plays a high-strung book editor forced to marry her assistant hottie Ryan Reynolds to avoid getting deported. What starts as a pretend relationship slowly turns real as they’re forced to play house together. Their chemistry grows intense as they go from bickering coworkers to an old married couple who can’t keep their hands off each other. Watch The Proposal on Hulu.

Morning Glory (2010)

Paramount Pictures

Morning Glory is a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at workplace romance on a struggling morning TV show. Rachel McAdams is a passionate young producer trying to revive the dying program, and she has to wrangle her two extremely unpredictable anchors played by Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.  Amidst the madness of her high-pressure job, she finds herself drawn to a fellow producer —  portrayed by Patrick Wilson — who shares her passion for television. Watch Morning Glory on Amazon Video.

Laws of Attraction (2004)

New Line Cinema

Laws of Attraction stars Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore as high-powered divorce attorneys who find themselves going head-to-head on a major case. As their professional rivalry heats up in the courtroom, an undeniable spark starts flaring up between them behind the scenes. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife as they bicker one minute, and share smoldering looks the next.  It’s a treat to watch them struggle to put their legal beef aside and give in to their chemistry. Watch Laws of Attraction on Amazon Video.

Set It Up (2018)


Set It Up is a fresh, hilarious take on the workplace romance that’ll have you wanting to play matchmaker at the office. Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are two overworked assistants who try to set up their nightmare bosses, played by Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu, in the hopes they’ll finally get some chill time. Of course, sparks start flying between the well-meaning assistants too as they’re working their dating magic behind the scenes. It’s just a matter of time before both couples realize their obvious connections and give in to their love stories. Watch Set It Up on Netflix.

Long Shot (2019)


Long Shot is an unconventional workplace rom-com that proves opposites really do attract. Charlize Theron portrays an ambitious U.S. Secretary of State and presidential hopeful, while Seth Rogen plays the scruffy journalist she used to babysit back in the day. Sparks unexpectedly fly when she hires him as her speechwriter, leading to some seriously awkward and laugh-out-loud moments as they try to keep things professional. It’s a fresh, funny take on falling for someone you think is totally out of your league at work. Watch Long Shot on Netflix.

The Hating Game (2021)

Vertical Entertainment

The Hating Game is the ultimate enemies-to-lovers workplace romance that’ll have you wishing for your own office nemesis to spar with. Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell sizzle as executive assistants forced to work side-by-side at their publishing company. They spend their days trying to one-up and sabotage each other, but all that hilarious hostility is just masking their intense chemistry. It’s a sexy, witty look at how sometimes the person who drives you the craziest at work might just be your perfect match. Watch The Hating Game on Hulu.

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