6 Concrete Signs You’re The Fun Couple

Some couples are miserable to hang around, even if both individuals are completely fine on their own. But there are other couples who are even more fun when they’re in the same room together, who everyone loves to invite to their parties and get togethers. Here are a few concrete signs that you’re the fun couple everyone loves being around:

You laugh with each other, not at each other.

You might end up teasing each other or poking fun at each other while telling funny anecdotes to your friend group, but it’s always in a fun, playful way. You’re never trying to bring each other down or make each other look like the bad guy. You would never risk making each other feel horrible in order to make your friends laugh. You are always being respectful of your partner, whether they’re sitting next to you to tell their side of the story or not.

You save your arguments for the privacy of your own home.

You don’t start fighting in the middle of dinner. Or worse, asking your other friends to pick sides in your argument. You keep your problems to yourself. You can deal with them when you get home so you can have a mature, constructive conversation with each other. Screaming matches in front of your friends are off the table.

You aren’t attached at the hip.

But you aren’t weirdly avoiding each other either. Basically, even though you might spend most of the night sitting together, you’re both comfortable mingling on your own. You don’t need to be at each other’s side constantly. You’re able to hold a conversation with their friends and they can hold a conversation with your friends. During outings, you work well as a team and as individuals.

You are the same person around your partner that you are all alone.

Your friends don’t feel like they’re hanging out with a completely different version of you when your partner is around. They don’t feel like you’re changing yourself to impress them or shrinking yourself to avoid upsetting them. You’re the same exact person, whether your partner is by your side or not.

You aren’t oversharing during group conversations.

You aren’t talking about your sex life or the massive argument that you had the other night. The couple stories you share with your friends are all party-appropriate. Neither of you are crossing any boundaries, and that extends to how much you’re physically touching. Hand holding and a few kisses are fine, but you aren’t making out at the table while your other friends are trying to talk.

You make each other laugh and lift each other up.

You clearly enjoy each other’s company. Everyone loves seeing you together because you make such a great match. You talk each other up instead of bringing each other down. You make each other happier, not more stressed and miserable. Overall, your friends love hanging out with you as a couple because you’re happiest when you’re by each other’s sides.