Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Vitalii Sediuk, The Asshole Who’s Made A Name For Himself Assaulting People

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Last week Gigi Hadid made headlines for elbowing Vitalii Sediuk, an unemployed former Ukrainian journalist, in the face after he assaulted her in Milan. Sediuk has made a name for himself “pranking” celebrities at events and red carpets. He reportedly gains access to these events using his credentials from his former job as a journalist in his native Ukraine to get to restricted areas where he then “pranks” aka: assaults and harasses celebrities.

Just a week after the Gigi Hadid attack, Sediuk is back in the news for attempting to sexually assault Kim Kardashian as she made her way to the Balmain fashion show in Paris on Tuesday.

According to the Daily Mail, the social media mogul had just exited her car and was heading to the show when a man, Sediuk, in a trench-coat snuck up behind her and attempted to kiss or put his face into her butt, as well as go up her skirt. He was tackled by her security guards before making contact.

Kim briefly commented on the attempted assault, commending her security guard for being killer at his job.

But here’s the thing.

Vitalii Sediuk is not a prankster, he’s a criminal.


If the previously mentioned attacks from just this week weren’t enough, here’s some other highlights from this douchebag’s “career”:

  • In 2012, he grabbed and kissed Will Smith unexpectedly at the Men in Black III premiere, baiting the actor with an interview.
  • At the 2013 Grammy’s, without having a ticket or credentials, he rushed the stage in an attempt to ruin Adele’s winning moment for Best Solo Performance.
  • In 2014 at the SAG awards he clung to Bradley Cooper and shoved his face forcibly into the actor’s crotch.
  • He did the same thing to Leonardo DiCaprio at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
  • At the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, he snuck underneath America Ferrara’s gown. This is the assault that finally resulted in his firing from 1+1 in Ukraine.
  • In 2014 him infamously attempted to shove and pin Kim Kardashian to the ground in Paris. He later released a statement saying, “Hope she’s ok.”
  • In May of 2014 he was arrested after assaulting Brad Pitt at the Maleficent premiere. He again, shoved his face into the actor’s crotch and as Pitt attempted to get away, grabbed the actor’s glasses off of his face, breaking them. Pitt was granted a restraining order and Sediuk plead no contest to charges of assault and battery.

Pranking people, celebrities included, is not new. But there is a clear cut difference between Amy Schumer falling in front of Kim and Kanye on a red carpet and a deranged stranger attempting to force himself onto celebrities “just because.”

That’s not a prank; that’s assault.

Even the fact that people are still referring to this piece of shit as a prankster, and not a full blown stalker and criminal, is disgusting. Look at his history. This isn’t funny, this isn’t cute, it’s not even entertaining. And just because people are in the public eye does not grant a stranger the right to touch them, force himself on them, or even frankly be around them without their consent.

Put yourself in Gigi Hadid’s shoes or Kim Kardashian’s for two seconds. You’re on your way to do your job and a stranger sneaks up behind you and either grabs you, lifting you off of the ground and restraining you, or shoves his face into your body and tries to pin you to the ground. That’s absolutely terrifying and the fact that this asshole is still walking around infuriates me. And I hope it infuriates you too.

Celebrities are people too. Let’s start acting like it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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