Stay With Me — We Belong Together

Stay With Me — We Belong Together

You doubt our love, wondering if my heart beats for you as your does for me. But I hope you never walk away from the way our souls seamlessly intertwine. I hope you stay with me, letting our love evolve because despite your fears, we belong together.

I’ve never met anyone whose hands fit so perfectly in mine. We walk through life hand-in-hand, refusing to leave each others’ sides, catching each other as we fall. As we hold each other close, we brave the sparks and step into the flames, carrying each other through life’s trials as if no one else exists, nothing else compares. I will never unlatch my fingers from yours, soothing your deepest worries, proving that nothing can pull us apart.

I’ve never met anyone who calms my storms like you. You quell the waves they swell within my heart, even as the skies darken and the tides mount. As I stand onshore, watching the waves crash ferociously within your soul, I pull you to safety, steering your ship, holding you, refusing to let you slip below the surface. Even as you fear that the gusts and crests will overpower me, I remain by your side, strong and steadfast at your bow.

I’ve never met anyone who knows my heart like you. You’ve witnessed both the glimmers of light and the darkest corners of my weary spirit, unconditionally accepting every fiber of my being. You know the words that roll off my tongue, the softness of my lips, the brightness of my smile, the deepness of my breath as our hearts collide. You fully understand my vibrant passion, my deep wellspring of empathy, my desire to make the world whole again. And even as you fear that we will only end in heartbreak, I eagerly delve into every crevice of your heart, praying that you will choose to stay.

You believe we are a dream, too beautiful to exist as one. You worry that you’ve done nothing but draw me further and further apart from you. But as you wake up every morning, I hope you choose to stay because we belong together.

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Kelly Douglas

Lives for red lipstick, high heels, 80’s pop, cats, and Oxford commas.