25 People Who Lost A Loved One To Murder Give The Gruesome Details Of The Slaughter

Only read these stories from Ask Reddit if you can stomach the sickening details.

A murderer about to slaughter
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1. My friend was murdered by her brother and stuffed into a freezer

“I was in 2nd grade when my best friend was murdered by her older brother and stuffed into the freezer. I will never forget the day it happened….

We would leave school and since we lived right next to each other, I’d walk her home every day, then run home to my place. That day, I walked her home, dropped her off and went home just like any other day. A couple hours later, every cop and EMT in the town was there. I watched out my window as they wheeled away a 4 foot tall body in a black bag. I didn’t understand what really happened until that Friday we had an assembly at school to remember her. It’s pretty hard to fathom as a 7 year old why something like this would happen. Shit, 15 years later and so still can’t fathom it. Brother is out of prison now and has his own family, even had his record wiped clean. The mother doesn’t blame the son for what happened. It’s almost like she never existed at all at this point….” — throwaway3921218

2. A young girl was murdered to fulfill a necrophilia fantasy

“A girl I went to high school with was murdered by her mom’s fiance. He killed her because he had a necrophilia fantasy involving her. According to the news he never he didn’t have the balls to do any actual corpse fucking, so he just dumped her body in a ditch. He ended up hanging himself in prison.” — MaesterOfPanic

3. My manager was murdered with a hammer by her own son

“My manager whom I had worked with for several years was murdered by her estranged son.

He was released for parole from San Quentin Prison and showed up at his mother’s doorstep. She apparently refused to let him in, so he broke into her house while she was gone, attempted to strangle her, then hit her over the head with a hammer until she died. Then he drove around town with her body before dumping her in a septic tank.

It was a shock to everyone. She was a very kind woman, and only a few months away from retirement.” — surlier

4. My brother and his friend were murdered by someone suicidal

“Probably not the kind of story you were looking for, but my brother and one of his friends were murdered. He was driving back from a day trip with a few friends, and there happened to be a suicidal person coming in the other direction when they were about 15 minutes from home (after a 3 hour drive). Said suicidal person decided to use my brother’s car for his suicide attempt – my brother and one of the other 3 people in the car were killed on impact. During the murder trial he seemed more like a manipulative narcissist who was using the suicide attempt to get back at his girlfriend for breaking up with him, and he gave us the finger as he was walking out of the courtroom before the verdict. He’s locked up for 23 to life now, with a reckless murder guilty verdict against his name.” — Oppodeldoc

5. He stabbed his wife and then drowned her while ‘sleepwalking’

“I knew a couple where the husband murdered the wife, and it got a lot of national attention because he used the ‘sleepwalking defense.’ He wasn’t guilty because he was sleepwalking, and therefore didn’t know he was stabbing then drowning her. Where it fell apart was that he covered his tracks. Hid evidence, etc. Experts agreed that a sleepwalker would not do that. He’s in prison forever.” — Scrappy_Larue

6. Her corpse was abandoned on the train tracks

“During my teen years, of my exes tried getting this girl to beat me up because I dumped him. We all hung out at the local library. Me and her actually joked about it.

About a week or so later they found a young woman naked in the train tracks dead. Next door neighbor had a mental problem and was stalking her. I went to the library around the time the news broke out and the librarian was upset about the news because it was the girl. Very sad and unbelievable.” — immanuel714

7. My father was shot by a stranger at a fast food restaurant

“My father was murdered almost 10 years ago. He was leaving a fast food restaurant with my mother and younger brother. He stopped at the counter while mom and brother walked out of the exit. At that time a guy walked out of the bathroom and shot my dad. He shot a couple other people too before he shot himself, my father was the only victim that died. From what I have heard the guy had a dispute with his girlfriend and intended to kill her, when she didn’t show up at the restaurant he decided to shoot the place up. I have actively avoided reading any news about it or really talking to anyone about the details of what happened, I don’t know why I just can’t bring myself to. My mom and brother got out unscathed which I am thankful for. That whole time in my life is very blurry, all I clearly remember is walking through the backyard to get home after school and seeing all of my extended family at my house, my dad’s best friend came out and told us what happened. It took me a couple of days to feel anything, or even believe it actually happened. My family still hasn’t recovered from this, we are all a mess.” — LogicalDefense

8. Our family counselor was killed by her abusive husband

“Our family counselor was murdered by her husband. She was watching a movie when he came home drunk. He became verbally abusive so she turned off the movie and took a bath to get away from him. He took offense and broke down the door and shot her. She climbed out of the tub but died naked on the bathroom floor. He’s in the state pen without possibility of parole.” — Oregonguy1954

9. My close friend was beaten to death

“One of my better friends from junior high had moved to a different school not too far away in another district. A few years later he was murdered, literally beaten to death with a frying pan. The suspect called and asked another friend to help dispose of the body and he refused, left and called the cops. He was charged with murder but didn’t tell where the remains were until two years later. They were found near a place a lot of us went four wheeling pretty often before they were located. He only got 18 years.” — dursforpres

10. He killed his wife in front of his two children

“My friend’s husband shot and killed her and then himself in front of their two little boys about 5 years ago. They were separated and divorcing and he caught wind that she had a new boyfriend.

My best friend (murdered friend’s sister-in-law) and her husband (murdered friend’s brother) are raising her boys now. They are doing well all things considered and have since adopted them legally.

It was all really terrible and sad though (obviously).” — elzimmy

11. She was strangled and left in the trunk of her car

“Yes, a very sweet young woman who worked as a waitress at the last restaurant where I worked. She didn’t come home from work one night. They found her car in a swamp a week later. She was in the trunk of her car, strangled. It was horrifying.” — Emptyplates 

12. My grandfather was shot in the back for no reason

“My grandpa was murdered. He lived on a country road so no reason for anyone random to be around. He went to leave for work and was shot in the back as he was going to get in his truck (perp was believed to be hiding behind a small little log cabin he had for us grandkids). Then he turned around to be shot again.

They got in his truck and drove away. Truck was found just a couple miles away, didn’t take anything or even touch his wallet. 7 years later and still don’t know who killed him.” — AcottSllen

13. My friend was murdered by the man in front of him in line

“I had a friend who was murdered/manslaughtered 10 years ago. He was standing in line to get into a local late night eats place around bar closing time. A guy before him in line has a disagreement with the doorman/bouncer guy. Dude goes home, grabs a shotgun, and returns to exact some type of revenge on the bouncer guy. Only thing is bouncer guy sees him coming and dodges one way or the other which left my friend right in the line of fire. Never saw it coming, one second he’s waiting for food and the next he’s gone.” — ARealBillsFan

14. He murdered her over a misunderstanding

“I never knew this woman so much but I talked to her a couple times at work. Nothing personal, but just some idle smoke break chit chat.

Sometime later she stopped coming to work. About two months later she is found buried in a shallow grave at a farm two towns over. Apparently she was a drug addict and got into a car with a highly psychopathic meth dealer in the area. He thought she stole some money and flat out murdered her. Which didn’t happen. He just thought she did.

People were devastated at work at the time when it was found out.” — numbers17 

15. My friend was shot and killed right after graduation

“My friend was shot and killed after my high school graduation. We took pics after the ceremony and then I went off to senior night which is basically a final goodbye to your classmate, woke up the next day to a text saying he was killed. He was in the passenger seat and the car was still on when they found him.” — Vrian300

16. A girl was ‘accidentally’ strangled during a gang rape

“When I was in high school, a girl in my class was gang raped by her boyfriend and his friends. One of the guys accidentally strangled her to death while raping her. The bastards were 18+ so thankfully they were indicted and sentenced as adults

We weren’t super close but we were pretty friendly and I had a slight crush on her. Whole school was devastated. She wasn’t very popular but she was liked by pretty much everyone in school. Such a nice and sweet and funny person whose life ended in such a horrible manner. It actually made me lose my faith in God.” — kingofstormandfire 

17. My best friend was fatally shot by her husband

“Last week, I just had a best friend who was shot point blank by her husband. He was high on meth. As far as I knew, she was clean. he’s been charged with multiple things, but not murder yet. Even though she called the police on him right before he shot her, it was his gun, and no one else had been there. That’s all I know so far.” — spiderbrey13

18. My uncle was murdered by his meth addict daughter

“Great Uncle was murdered by his meth addict daughter. She crushed his windpipe with a steel toed boot when he refused to give her money for her next hit, to make it worse she left him on his front porch in his underwear until a passerby found him in the morning. He was 89 and frankly wouldn’t/couldn’t hurt a fly and was a great man.

Insult to injury is that his daughter got off scott free due to the fucked up system known as the California State Court who said she should have leniency because of her ‘mental illness.’ Bullshit i kew her and she was within her mental capacity to know what she was doing. I hope she finds the wrong end of a meth deal soon the bitch.” — ccbcc814

19. My friend was stabbed to death over her car

“My very pretty friend went to the beach alone. She had a nice sports car. Some guys, who escaped juvenile detention wanted to steal her car and confronted her in the bathroom. Tried to take her keys and she said no so one guy stabbed her in her heart. She died instantly. I believe they were caught.” — loratineboratine

20. My uncle was drowned by a group of local people

“My uncle was murdered about 45 years ago. He was a long haired hippe type in a town full of people who didn’t like that sort of thing. A few locals ambushed him at a beach, poured whiskey down his throat, and drowned him. Police swept it under the rug as a drowning caused by drugs and alcohol and told the only witness to keep his mouth shut. The people that did it are still free.” — dumbbell_nebula

21. An old friend of mine shot someone in cold blood

“I knew this guy, and he was strange. So strange, I had to stop hanging out with him. Shortly after I stopped being his friend, he ended up shooting this other guy I used to hang out with. I guess they went to go get some gyros together and started arguing because the other guy wouldn’t get out of the car. So I guess the best solution was to shoot him in the chest and run a couple miles to the nearest Chinese buffet and hide in the bathroom.” — CumquatMeBaby

22. She was beaten to death and thrown in a river

“Went to a buddies house to pre drink and go out.

Another friend was there with her friend. We got introduced to each other and they both left.

She was on the news the next week saying her body was found. She was beaten to death and the guy and girl who beat her to death threw her body into the river.

Another kid who was in my high school science class was recently arrested and given prison time for manslaughter with an attempt to flee the country…” — IxuntouchblexI

23. My cousin was stabbed multiple times

“My cousin was a pharmacy tech and his Xanax addicted ‘friend’ thought my cousin could hook him up. When my cousin said no, the guy stabbed him multiple times. That guy is now serving 20 years.” — Trup75

24. My uncle was shot three times in the back of the head

“My uncle was a gun collector and was selling one of his many hand guns to a family friend. Little did he know the family friend was tweaking on something and shot my uncle 3 times in the back of the head…he was later put in the same cell block as my cousin (murdered uncles son. Different last name) and he received and mouth full of cinder block wall.” — JurrdTurth

25. My coworker went missing and his body was found in the woods

“I worked with a guy who went missing. He was a super friendly guy, seemed happy, was always upbeat at work. Well he stopped showing up one day. One of the women I worked with talked to his mom, who said he went out one day and never came back. Left his cigarettes, wallet, phone, keys. They found his body in a densely wooded park a couple months after.” — ThatDuckIsAStatue Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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