Why Each Zodiac Sign Loves The Winter Season

Why Each Zodiac Sign Loves The Winter Season


You love ice skating and sledding and going on seasonal adventures.


You love the buildup to the holiday season, the cheerful music, and the twinkling lights strung across houses.


You love sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows and sitting by crackling fires.


You love watching little children (or dogs) run around in the snow, enjoying themselves.

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You love wearing oversized sweaters and drinking from warm coffee mugs.


You love having an excuse to stay inside and huddle under blankets while reading.


You love the calming look of the snow and the sound of it crunching beneath your feet.


You love the comfort food that your family cooks especially for you.


You love drinking holiday-themed coffees and spending hours upon hours shopping.


You love wearing warm leggings and boots everywhere you go. You love winter fashion.


You love making new year’s resolutions and preparing for the year ahead.


You love staying cozy in fuzzy socks and turtlenecks and ugly sweaters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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