This Warms The Heart Of Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ESTP: Striking a match off the sole of a weathered combat boot. A lightning storm rolling over the Arizona desert plains, smothering the scorching sun. Pulling a dark shade of lipstick across your lips leaving behind a perfect rebel pout.

INTJ: Getting a new piece of technology, reveling in sliding off the smooth packaging. Feeling air conditioning blast over you after you’ve been sweltering outside. An untouched newspaper, maybe accompanied by a warm cup of black coffee.

ENFP: Your phone lighting up with ‘happy birthday’ texts. Going shopping with cash but no real aim with your best friend. Curling up to watch a favorite childhood movie with your significant other after a long day.

INTP: Wandering the halls of a big museum while rain patters against the centuries old roof. Sitting on the roof in the middle of the night, feeling cold but very, very alive. Listening to chalk busily scratch away on a blackboard.

ISTJ: A fine tip marker that doesn’t bleed through paper. A winding path to a natural landmark in a national park. Picking up those shiny pamphlets they have at interstate rest areas about local attractions.

ENTP: Breaking the rules (intellectually). That thin paper architects use, hurriedly rolled up, making the lines criss-cross over on another, bringing chaos to order. Walking across a clean wood floor in socks. The hum of a coffee maker.

ISFJ: Getting a sprinkle cone for your ice cream. Going out with your friends, laughing and joking and talking about anything and everything. That feeling when someone compliments you and you can tell they mean it.

ISTP: Watching fish drift by in an aquarium, the blue glow reflecting on you. The comfort of ordering pizza for delievery. Finally taking off your shoes after a long day of walking. Reading about a mystery you can’t quite figure out.

ENTJ: When you forward toward your future and all the little pieces see to click neatly into place. The glitter of a diamond in the sunlight. That high you get when things go your way, or you meet new people.

INFP: The fizzing sound a bath bomb makes when you drop it into a warm bath. An earthy mug filled with hot tea. The chill of turquoise jewelry on suntanned arms. The sound of a favorite playlist played late at night.

ISFP: The slam of a screen door on a foggy summer night. The muffled throb of music when you stand outside a concert. A sketchbook stuffed full of symbols and linear patterns. A newspaper clipping, yellowed with age.

INFJ: An empty subway platform at night, brightly lit, keeping the underlying feeling of danger just beneath the surface. The sound of a rattle can, the scent of paint and rebellion. The taste of those cheap suckers they give you at the bank.

ESTJ: When people listen to you and even consider you and expert in something. Picking out a color of nail polish for a manicure. The quiet hum of people laughing and talking in the dim light of an expensive restaurant.

ESFJ: A love letter tied with a pink ribbon. A coin thrown into a wishing fountain. A summer thunderstorm splashing against a pond full of lily pads. A diary filled with moments in time jotted down in beautiful handwriting.

ESFP: The thrill of a fast car and nowhere to be. The feeling of heavy earrings brushing your cheek. The jangle of slot machines mixing with cigarette smoke and the sense of excitement and danger that comes with gambling.

ENFJ: The pop of a champagne bottle being opened. Eating Ritz crackers and sitting on a countertop instead of a chair. The light in someone’s eyes just before you kiss them. Doing last minute changes to a project because you want it to be perfect.

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Kathleen-June Horne

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