Little Things That Make Them Fall In Love With You, Based On Their Myers-Briggs Type


You listen to their facts. INTPs love learning and their love language is basically sharing their vast knowledge with others. However, most people allow their facts to sail right past them, so actually paying attention to how Macedonia’s socioeconomic landscape effects the rest of the world will earn the INTP’s undying devotion.


You send them sappy “good morning” texts every day. ENFPs love everything about romance, so enchanting them is all about expressing your love for them on a daily basis. ENFPs can easily get discouraged in a relationship if the other person treats them-and by extension their relationship-for granted.


You get actually excited about the things they do. ISFPs love it when people get genuinely excited about the same things they do. Whether its snow or their favorite coffee shop, ISFPs express their joy authentically and can tell when other people are dismissive of them and their delight for the little things.


You do the things they want you to. ESTJs often express their care for their romantic partner by sharing the things they love with them. So if an ESTJ insists you’ve got to try a certain restaurant, and you do it instead of balking, they will love you all the more for showing you trust and believe in them.


You spend time doing nothing with them. ESFJ’ are big believers in time spent, so they don’t have love for people who “ghost” them or play games. A perfect date for an ESFJ is a low-key movie marathon weekend where you guys just chill out and debate the merits of each movie long into the night.


You let them know you love them just the way they are. INFJs often feel like they can never be enough, leading to them to stress themselves out and become depressed. Letting an INFJ know that they are perfect to you and that you love them unconditionally will make them feel like you are a refuge for their sensitive soul to rest and heal.


You don’t trivialize them or the things that they love. ENTPs only weakness is that they hold themselves and whatever is important to them up on a pedestal. This can be especially hard if you are important to them as they won’t stand for you to be mean to yourself as much as if it were someone else being a jerk to you.


You do ordinary things for them. Whether it’s packing their lunch for work, helping them organize their garage, or just grabbing them the television remote ISTJs see extraordinary in the ordinary. That’s not to say that they don’t enjoy larger actions, it’s just that they judge their partners in the day-to-day monotony rather than on a series of large gestures.


You let them be free. ESTPs are an outgoing, live-on-the-edge type and can often feel trapped if their partner is caught up in the day-to-day minutia of a relationship. By allowing them to sweep you off your feet and do something new or exciting together it lets the ESTP feel like they can keep their sense of self even in a long-term relationship.


You don’t force them into a mold. ISTPs often have a counter-culture edge to them, and this can create friction with a partner if you have a perfected image of what a relationship should be. An ISTP will often have great appreciation for you if you view them and the relationship realistically instead of “sugar-coating” things or ignoring issues.


You allow them to have space. ESFPs are independent, popular, and often have a large circle of friends. Because of this, you should never make them feel like they have to choose between their life and you as a romantic partner but if you can instead let them feel like they can “have it all” they will love you all the more.


You know how to be both fun and decisive. INTJs can be taskmasters but this doesn’t they don’t want to have fun. For all their planning, they love when their partner can roll with the punches and have a good time no matter what goes wrong, while still maintaining their sense of self.


You are steadfast. ISFJs are dependable and loyal to both the people they love as well as the things they believe in. They can’t be dependable for two however, and look for a steady partner to travel through life with. This is not to say that they don’t like a little excitement, they just want to know that you’ll always be there for them.


You are spontaneous. INFPs can often get in the rut of looking for something amazing to happen, and if you can show them an amazing time they will love you all the more for it. It doesn’t have to be huge; in fact it can even be as small as randomly getting ice cream for dinner, but proving that you can think outside the box and dream big will go a long way to winning their heart.


You take them out of their comfort zone. ENTJs are great at accomplishing tasks they have set out for themselves, however it is sometimes difficult for them to remember to let loose and have fun, even if it doesn’t accomplish anything. Taking an ENTJ somewhere they’ve never been and letting them forget their endless checklist for a little while will make them look at you like you hang the moon when they think you’re not looking.


You are true to yourself. ENFJs are clever yet personable, however they sometimes can feel like they need to bend to other’s wills to make sure everyone is happy. By being true to yourself, and not allowing yourself to be swayed by other people, an ENFJ will find you to be the kind of person that they need to allow themselves to stand up for things they believe in the way they want to.

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