What He's Like As An Ex-Boyfriend, Based On His Zodiac Sign 

What He’s Like As An Ex-Boyfriend, Based On His Zodiac Sign 


He’s the ex who hits you up whenever he’s drunk, lonely, or high.


He’s the ex who sends mushy I miss you messages and whines about how he never should have left you.


He’s the ex who randomly runs into you at work and bars.


He’s the ex who keeps trying to get back together with you.

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He’s the ex who tries to keep the friendship alive, even though it’s awkward now.


He’s the ex who tries to make you jealous with other girls.


He’s the ex who still likes all your Instagram posts and watches all your stories.


He’s the ex who tries to casually hook up with you, no strings attached.


He’s the ex who acts like you never dated in the first place.


He’s the ex that deletes you from every single social media site.


He’s the ex who writes song lyrics and poetry about you.


He’s the ex who badmouths you to all of his friends. TC mark

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