What Kind Of Boyfriend You Are, Based On Your Myers-Briggs


You are the serious-relationship boyfriend. In a world full of dudes who won’t commit, you are the coveted anti-fuckboy. You invest yourself fully in relationships and don’t shy away from putting serious work into keeping things running smoothly. You throw your absolute all into meeting your partner’s needs, whether it’s a week-old relationship or a fifty-year marriage. You date to find a life partner, not to kill time, and it’s incredibly refreshing for everyone.


You are the chivalrous boyfriend. In a world full of hitters-and-quitters, you remain committed to opening doors, paying for dinners and sending ‘just because’ texts to the people you’re interested in dating. You believe that any potential partner of yours deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and devotion – you never want a partner of yours to be left wondering how you feel for him or her.


You are the sweet and smoldering boyfriend. You have a sensual streak to you that is absolutely unmatchable – it keeps new partners coming back for more, but it’s your kindness that ultimately wins them over. You care deeply and passionately about the people you fall for, and there’s nothing you love more than making your partner feel special. You are constantly looking for new ways to make your significant other happy, which makes you a phenomenal boyfriend.


You are the affectionate boyfriend. You’re an outgoing and adventurous guy, but you also have an undeniable soft side – one that your partners absolutely love you for. You want your significant other to feel completely adored by you – and you make sure they do, by showering them with a constant stream of attention and affection. You’re as smooth as they come when you’re flirting but as genuine as they come in relationships – and it’s a side of you that new partners are delighted to discover.


You are the superhero boyfriend. You’re as high-energy and adventurous as they come, but the people you love bring out a soft side in you – the side that wants to protect his loved ones at all costs. There’s nothing you love more than being able to swoop in and save the day for the people you care about – and when it comes to your romantic relationships, you do so without a second thought.


You are the jack-of-all-trades boyfriend. You may not be overly showy or romantic when it comes to intimate relationships, but you show your love by helping your partner solve just about any problem they’re up against. You have a knack for picking up new systems quickly and you use this skill to offer fixes for whichever issues your loved ones are facing. You’re a true Jack-of-all-trades and your SOs appreciate you enormously for it.


You are the stable provider boyfriend. You go out of your way to ensure that anyone you date is practically supported and getting their needs met. You loathe the idea of not being able to provide for the people you love should they ever need your help – so you work as hard as possible to support your partner in whichever hands-on ways he or she needs from you.


You are the strong, silent boyfriend. You may not be the first to preach your feelings to new partners, but you’re absolutely the first one to show up for them when they need you. There’s nothing you will not do to ensure that the people you date are being looked out for, and when you pledge your commitment to someone, you take that commitment seriously. You aren’t afraid to step up and be your partner’s rock and grounding force in a wildly unpredictable world.


You are the intellectually challenging boyfriend. You are constantly picking the mind of the person you’re dating – wanting to learn as much as possible about them and the way they process the world around them. You aren’t afraid to challenge your partner’s way of thinking in a relationship and it’s something that the right partner absolutely loves you for. You’re constantly learning from one another and it keeps the relationship fascinating for both parties.


You are the wildcard boyfriend. With your quick wit, undying curiosity and never-ending stream of new ideas, you are constantly keeping your partners on their toes. Luckily, that’s what your SOs love best about you. You’re always the first to propose a new adventure, spark an intriguing debate or crack a perfectly-timed joke. There’s no such thing as stagnancy so long as you’re around – and your unpredictability is the very thing that keeps your relationships thriving.


You are the mindful boyfriend. You approach your relationships the way you approach everything else – seriously and deliberately. When you’re with someone, you take specific measures to ensure that the relationship is progressing in a healthy and positive manner. You learn as much as you possibly can about your partner and are constantly looking for ways to challenge and improve the relationship you share with them. Love, to you, means continuously growing and developing alongside your partner.


You are the high-achieving boyfriend. Partners know that you hold high expectations for both yourself and the people in your life – but once you meet someone who fulfills those expectations, you’ll absolutely move mountains for him or her. You are powerful, committed and intense when it comes to all of your commitments – and when that commitment is to a relationship, you can bet your ass you’ll do whatever it takes to make it work.


You are the hopeless romantic boyfriend. When you fall hard for someone, there’s no outrageous length you won’t go to in order to sweep that person off their feet. You’re the master of elaborate surprises and extravagant romantic gestures. You want to make your partner feel as though they’re living in a modern-day fairytale – one that you’ve craftily written for the two of you to star in and play out.


You are the emotionally aware boyfriend. In a world full of douchebags and fuckboys, you show the hell up for your partner’s emotional needs. You are genuine, romantic, passionate and devoted to the people you invest in. You’re the first to check in on how the person you’re dating is feeling and the best at helping them sort through and overcome their struggles. Your partners always feel heard, appreciated and understood as long as they’re with you.


You are the giving boyfriend. Once you invest yourself in someone, you are happy to give him or her as much of your time, energy, attention and love as he or she needs and desires. You want nothing more than for the person you’re with to feel seen, appreciated and supported by you. You’ll go well out of your way to meet your partner’s physical and emotional needs within the relationship. If there’s anything your partners can’t call you, it’s neglectful!


You are the psychoanalytical boyfriend. Everything your partner does fascinates you, and you want to learn as much about him or her as possible – in order to connect with them as intensely as possible. Your partner will never feel more seen, understood or supported as they do when they’re with you. You will go to great lengths to ensure that you really know the person you’re dating – and that you can consequently cater to their needs as effectively as possible.