What It’s Like To Be In A Bad Relationship With A Really Good Guy

We’re all looking for that one guy who will call us beautiful, kiss our foreheads, and treat us the way we deserve. But what if we finally find him and he’s not what we thought he’d be? What if it turns out that we don’t want him at all? This is what it’s like to be in a shitty relationship with a really good guy.

1. You feel like you’re being greedy.

You have a sweet boyfriend who asks you about your day, helps you with the dishes, and actually goes down on you. What more could you want? Admitting you need someone a little more exciting, who gets your heart thumping and your blood pumping, makes you sound unappreciative. That’s why you’ll try to act like everything is fine for as long as you can pull the act off.

2. Your friends don’t see the problem.

Your single friends have been dealing with nothing but fuckboys. They would kill to have a boyfriend like yours. If you try to rant about him, they won’t listen to a word of it. They don’t think you should be complaining when you’re so “lucky.”

3. You come across as a complete asshole.

He tries so hard to make you happy, and when he realizes that you’re still acting distant, he tries even harder. He’s pulled off more romantic moves than any other man would. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter what he does. The spark just isn’t there.

4. You wonder if you’re the problem.

You’ve always wanted a boyfriend who tells the truth and answers your texts without making you wait. Now you have one, but you still aren’t satisfied. You feel like you’re sabotaging your own chances at happiness. You can’t bring yourself to love him, and you hate yourself for it.

5. Your life looks better on Instagram.

On the surface, you have plenty to brag about. That’s why your Instagram is filled with pictures of romantic dinners he’s cooked and thoughtful gifts he’s bought you. Everyone considers you two “relationship goals,” but really, you couldn’t be more eager to be single again.

6. You end up hurting yourself, too.

You can’t think of a good enough reason to break up with him, so you end up torturing yourself by staying with him. Of course, that only makes him grow more and more attached to you. The longer you stay with him, the worse you’ll feel about your charade.

7. You wish you could alter your feelings,

You’ve spent most of your life wishing you could get rid of your feelings for certain men, but now you have the opposite problem. You wish you could magically develop feelings for him, but you just can’t. You’re not attracted to his mind or his body, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

8. You question everything about love.

You don’t love him, but maybe that doesn’t matter? Maybe love isn’t as important as mutual respect and admiration. You ask yourself silly questions like this all the time, because you want to convince yourself that it’s okay to be in a loveless relationship.

9. You genuinely want to keep him as a friend.

You’re planning on breaking an amazing man’s heart, and when he asks you why, you’re not sure what you’ll tell him. He’ll think the “Let’s just be friends” line is a lie, but it’s the truth. You don’t want him out of your life. You just want him out of your bed.

10. You know you don’t belong with him.

You’ve been fighting the truth, but deep down you know you need to say goodbye to him soon. Your future boyfriend might not be as perfect as he is, but at least you’ll be happy together. You’d take a passionate romance over a bland boyfriend any day.