Sexy Girl Names

225 Sexy Girl Names And What They Mean

Sometimes, a certain name elicits a particular vibe. These sexy girl names all do just that. If you want to find out what her name means (and why it’s so darn appealing), skim this list of sexy girl names.

1. Aaliyah β€” Ascending

2. Abby β€” Father’s joy

3. Ada β€” Nobility

4. Acadia β€” Land of plenty

5. Adele β€” Nobility

6. Alessandra β€” Defending men

7. Agnes β€” Pure

8. Alexa β€” Defender of men

9. Aly β€” Noble

10. Amelia β€” Industrious

11. Angela β€” Messenger of gods

12. Angelique β€” Like an angel

13. Arielle β€” Lion of God

14. Aurora β€” Dawn

15. Bambi β€” Baby girl

16. Beatrice β€” Bringer of joy

17. Becky β€” Captivating

18. Blair β€” Plain

19. Blake β€” Dark

20. Bonita β€” Pretty little one

21. Brianna β€” Strong

22. Brooke β€” Lives by the stream

23. Bryony β€” Sprouting.

24. Buffy β€” Short for Elizabeth, Pledged to God

25. Cadence β€” Rhythm, flow

26. Callie β€” The most beautiful

27. Candice β€” Pure

28. Candy β€” Short for Candice, Pure

29. Carina β€” Dear

30. Cat β€”Short for Catherine, Pure

31. Cece β€” Short for Cecilia, Blind

32. Celia β€” Heavenly

33. Chanel β€” Canal

34. Charis β€” Grace

35. Charlize β€” Free woman

36. Charlotte β€” Free man

37. Chastity β€” Purity

38. Chloe β€” Blooming

39. Clarise β€” Bright

40. Clementine β€” Mild and merciful

41. Dahlia β€” Scientific

42. Daisy β€” Derived from the phrase β€œday’s eye”

43. Dana β€” God is judge

44. Daphne β€” Laurel tree

45. Darcy β€” From the fortress

46. Dede β€” Swarthy

47. Delilah β€” Amorous

48. Delores β€” Sorrows

49. Dixie β€” Tenth

50. Edie β€” Prosperous in war

51. Elina β€” Shining Light

52. Eliza β€” God is satisfaction

53. Ella β€” Beautiful fairy

54. Elle β€” She

55. Emelda β€” Emerald-like

56. Emma β€” Universal

57. Emmaline β€” Hardworking

58. Esme β€” Loved

59. Etta β€” Estate ruler

60. Eve β€” Living

61. Faith β€” Belief

62. Felicity β€” Happiness

63. Fern β€” A green plant that loves shade

64. Fleur β€” Flower

65. Flora β€” Flower

66. Florence β€” Flowering

67. Francesca β€” The Frenchman

68. Frankie β€” Little free one

69. Freya β€” Lady

70. Gabriel β€” God is my strength

71. Gaynor β€” Fair and soft

72. Gia β€” God’s gracious gift

73. Gigi β€” Brilliant

74. Gillian β€” Youthful

75. Ginger β€” Chaste

76. Grace β€” God’s favor

77. Gretchen β€” Pearl

78. Harmony β€” Concord

79. Harper β€” Harp player

80. Harriet β€” Rules the home

81. Hazel β€” God sees

82. Heather β€” Thriving evergreen plant

83. Hester β€” Star

84. Hope β€” Positive expectation

85. Hyacinth β€” The color purple

86. Ida β€” Labor

87. Imogen β€” Maiden

88. India β€” Refers to the country

89. Ines β€” Virginal

90. Iris β€” Rainbow

91. Isobel β€” God is my oath

92. Ivy β€” Faithfulness

93. Jade β€” Refers to the ornamental stone

94. Jamie β€” Supplanter

95. Jasmine β€” Refers to the plant

96. Jenna β€” White shadow

97. Jessa β€” God beholds

98. Juliet β€” Youthful

99. Juno β€” Youth

100. Kaia β€” Sea

101. Kara β€” Love

102. Karly β€” Free woman

103. Kayla β€” Keeper of the keys

104. Keira β€” Dark one

105. Kimberly β€” From the wood of a royal forest

106. Kora β€” Maiden

107. Kristen β€” Follower of Christ

108. Kylie β€” Graceful

109. Lacey β€” Belonging to Lassy

110. Laila β€” Born at night

111. Lara β€” Cheerful

112. Larissa β€” Protection

113. Laurie β€” Of Laurentum

114. Leighton β€” Herb garden

115. Lena β€” Alluring

116. Lenore β€” Light

117. Lexi β€” Defender

118. Liliana β€” Lily

119. Lily β€” Purity

120. Lola β€” Sorrows

121. Mackenzie β€” Comely

122. Macy β€” Weapon

123. Maddie β€” Tower

124. Margot β€” Pearl

125. Maisie β€” Child of light

126. Meadow β€” Grassy field

127. Melanie β€” Dark

128. Melody β€” Music

129. Molly β€” Bitter

130. Morgan β€” Sea chief

131. Nadia β€” Hope

132. Nala β€” Beloved

133. Naomi β€” Pleasantness

134. Nancy β€” Grace

135. Natalia β€” Birthday of the Lord

136. Nell β€” Mine

137. Nora β€” Honor

138. Octavia β€” Born eighth

139. Odette β€” Wealthy

140. Olivia β€” Elf army

141. Opal β€” Refers to the gemstone

142. Paige β€” Young servant

143. Paisley β€” Church

144. Pandora β€” All gifts

145. Patience β€” Patient

146. Payton β€” Fighting man’s estate

147. Peace β€” Harmony

148. Pearl β€” Precious

149. Penny β€” Flower

150. Phoebe β€” Radiant

151. Phoenix β€” Mythical bird

152. Piper β€” One who plays the pipe

153. Pixie β€” A sprite

154. Poppy β€” Flower

155. Primrose β€” First rose

156. Prudence β€” Good judgment

157. Quinn β€” Wisdom

158. Raine β€” Queen

159. Ramona β€” Protecting hands

160. Raven β€” Thieving person

161. Raya β€” Heaven

162. Regina β€” Queen

163. Renee β€” Reborn

164. Renata β€” Born again

165. River β€” River

166. Rosa β€” Rose

167. Rosemary β€” Dew of the sea

168. Roxy β€” Dawn

169. Ruby β€” Precious jewel

170. Saffron β€” A type of crocus

171. Sahara β€” Desert

172. Saige β€” Wise

173. Samantha β€” Listener

174. Sara β€” Princess

175. Sasha β€” Defender of mankind

176. Scarlett β€” Red

177. Selena β€” Moon

178. September β€” Seventh

179. Seraphina β€” Fiery

180. Serena β€” Tranquil

181. Shelby β€” Willow farm

182. Sia β€” One who brings joy

183. Skye β€” Sky

184. Sophia β€” Skilled

185. Star β€” Star

186. Stella β€” Star

187. Suki β€” To love

188. Tabitha β€” Beauty

189. Tallulah β€” Lady of abundance

190. Talia β€” Dew of God

191. Tara β€” Tower

192. Tatum β€” Cheerful bringing of joy

193. Taylor β€” Cutter

194. Teagan β€” Poet

195. Tessa β€” Harvester

196. Thora β€” Thunder

197. Tia β€” Godly

198. Tori β€” Triumphant

199. Trinity β€” Triad

200. Trixy β€” Happy

201. Uma β€” Splendor

202. Ursula β€” Little bear

203. Vanessa β€” Butterfly

204. Veda β€” Understanding

205. Velma β€” Determined protector

206. Venus β€” Sexual desire

207. Vera β€” Faith

208. Verity β€” Truth

209. Veronica β€” Honest image

210. Violet β€” The color purple

211. Virginia β€” Virginal

212. Waverly β€” Meadow of quivering aspens

213. Wendy β€” Holy

214. Willow β€” Slender

215. Winona β€” Firstborn daughter

216. Winter β€” Year

217. Xena β€” Welcoming

218. Yvette β€” Archer

219. Zara β€” Seed

220. Zarya β€” Sunrise

221. Zendaya β€” Give thanks

222. Zita β€” Little girl

223. Zoe β€” Life

224. Zola β€” Earth

225. Zora β€” Dawn Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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