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The 50+ Worst Baby Names That Actually Appeared On Birth Certificates

Please don’t use any of these actual baby names for your own kid. These are the worst baby names ever given to a living, breathing, defenseless baby human.

Naming a child is arguably one of the most important decisions a couple makes after bringing forth a new life into this world. That name doesn’t go away—ever (unless of course you change it through a very tedious legal process that barely anyone ever bothers with). The fact is that your name ends up sticking with you for always. So parents beware! Don’t try to be too clever, or too unique when selecting a name for your kid. Look through this list of the all-time worst baby names for a reminder of what NOT to do when choosing a moniker for another human

1. Ajax

2. Ahmiracle

3. I’munique

4. Elizabreth

5. Aliviyah

6. Nevaeh

7. Beberly

8. Sweetheart

9. Abcde

10. Merica

11. Jerica

12. Devil

13. Kaizyle

14. Orgasm

15. North West

16. Appaloosa

17. Panthy

18. Reighleigh

19. Star

20. Vejonica

21. Heaven Lee

22. L’Oreal

23. Derfla

24. Phelony

25. Tu Morrow

26. Moxie

27. Abstinence

28. Fifi

29. Trixie

30. Apple

31. Facebook

32. Olive Garden

33. Jihad

34. Clitis

35. Colon

36. Zuma

37. Herpe

38. Yunique

39. Gotham

40. Inspektor

41. Jammy

42. Like

43. Mazen

44. Sssst

45. Rage

46. Billion

47. Princecharles

48. Audio

49. Sadman

50. Seven

51. Obamanique

52. Hashtag

53. Lucifer

54. Hitler

55. Fetus

56. C’kret

57. Germ

58. Thorn Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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