12 F*cked Up Internet Legends That Will Make You Close Your Web Browser Forever

Trigger Warning: For some of these, when we said “f*cked up” we meant “f*cked up.”


An intern at a Nickelodeon tells the story of a Spongebob episode that never aired — and was never supposed to be produced. The plotline follows Squidward getting booed at a clarinet concert, and then sitting at the end of his bed with blood dripping from his eyes.

I was an intern at Nickelodeon Studios for a year in 2005 for my degree in animation. It wasn’t paid of course, most internships aren’t, but it did have some perks beyond education. To adults it might not seem like a big one, but most kids at the time would go crazy over it.

Now, since I worked directly with the editors and animators, I got to view the new episodes days before they aired. I’ll get right to it without giving too many unnecessary details. They had very recently made the SpongeBob movie and the entire staff was somewhat sapped of creativity so it took them longer to start up the season. But the delay lasted longer for more upsetting reasons. There was a problem with the series 4 premiere that set everyone and everything back for several months.

By the time the animators were a few minutes into reviewing the episode they grabbed the creator, and inside the bizarre and disturbing episode, they found photos of murder victims. Nobody ever found out where the footage came from.



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