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Basically some guy who’s a little short on cash decides discovers that if you can venture into some random house’s eight rooms, the owner will give you $500.

Even after meeting a man who became addicted to heroin and lost his marbles after trying, our hero decides to give it a shot. What happens next I hope, hope, hope is not actually true.

That was when he told me about the NoEnd House. It got that name because no one had ever reached the final exit. The rules were pretty simple and cliche: reach the final room of the building and you win $500. There were nine rooms in all. The house was located outside the city, roughly four miles from my house. Apparently Peter had tried and failed. He was a heroin and who-knows-what-the-fuck addict, so I figured the drugs got the best of him and he wigged out at a paper ghost or something. He told me it would be too much for anyone. That it was unnatural.

I didn’t believe him. I told him I would check it out the next night and no matter how hard he tried to convince me otherwise, $500 sounded too good to be true. I had to go. I set out the following night.

The Original Poster got through the first few rooms with no problem, but as he quickly discovers, the house doesn’t stop after the eight rooms.



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