12 F*cked Up Internet Legends That Will Make You Close Your Web Browser Forever


One Page Wonder
One Page Wonder

In a desperate email written to an old friend, Annora describes how — one year ago — she stumbled upon her own Wikipedia page, that seemed to operate one day ahead of her real life. Annora enjoyed it at first, as the page predicted tons of her competition victories; that was, until the day it told her she was going to die.

It started when we were in the 8th grade. It was the night before the Crystal Classic competition. I was at home and I couldn’t sleep because I was so nervous about competing. Well, I got on the computer, just sorta surfing the web and stuff, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I was just sitting there, so I googled myself.

I never should have done that, Bree. At first it was all the usual stuff you find when you google yourself, then I found a link to a Wikipedia page about me.

I thought our club made it or my dad or something, there wasn’t much there, just some basic facts about skating, what city I lived in, but the thing that got me was that it said I won that year’s Crystal Classic.

We only have the one email — so no one knows what happened for sure — but nobody has heard of Annora since.



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