I Went With My Best Friend To Our Childhood Hangout Spot, And We Really Should Have Just Stayed Home

I felt the object dig deeper into my scalp and I reluctantly opened up the door. The back half of The Shack was engulfed in flames and they were licking closer and closer with each second I watched them.


I stepped in and Daniel went on.

“Don’t try to act like you’re a good friend now. I showed Jeremy what you did. And he can’t say he is either. You know what he did. You know why I am why I am.”

“I’m sure that’s not all why Daniel. We always tried to help you.”

I stared at the flames approaching me as Daniel yelled back into my ear.

“You’re not a good friend, admit it.”

“You’re right, I’m not.”

“And neither is Jeremy.”

“He’s not.”

“But I want to test him. See if he has any shred of hope that he won’t do to you what you two did to me, tortured and abandoned me and not forgive me for the mistakes I made.”

“Daniel, we didn’t…

He cut me off with another hard thump on the back of the head and put his lips upon my ear, tickling me with the stubble of his beard.

“He’s the only one who can save you now. Better hope he is a better friend to you then you two were to me.”



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