I Went With My Best Friend To Our Childhood Hangout Spot, And We Really Should Have Just Stayed Home

Once inside, I immediately looked to Jeremy’s bed. It was just a scatter of crumpled blankets except for a foreign object I had not yet seen in The Shack – a video camera. I scooped up the video camera and pulled out the screen.

What I saw was a familiar scene I had stored in the back of my head as the darkest of secrets, but I was watching it from a different angle. Shot through the cracked view of a barely-open closet, I could see myself on top of Jeremy’s now ex-wife, tangled in a passionate embrace bathed in mood lighting in my bedroom. The acidic sting of vomit rushed to the back of my throat as I watched our disgusting moment unfold on the little camera screen.

I was going to throw the camera across the room, but it cut to a new scene. I pulled the screen closer to eyes to try and make out what it was showing. It was very dark, shaky, but it eventually became clear – the video was shot out in the dark, looking through dirty windows into the candlelit heart of The Shack as Jeremy and I chuckled over drinks just hours ago.

The video kept zooming in closer and closer to the both of us until it cut out and the screen before me went completely black.



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