I Went With My Best Friend To Our Childhood Hangout Spot, And We Really Should Have Just Stayed Home

Jeremy was panting, could barely control his breathing. He walked over to his bed and fell down upon his back.
“This is just too much man. We need to leave, right now.”

I looked out the window, night had fallen in the forest all around us. Leaving was not an easy option. We had to hike more than a mile to get here on a trail that was hard to follow in the daylight that snaked next to a soggy cliffside and also required fjording a nearly waist-high stream. Trying to do this in the night, with a half-drunk Jeremy was not a good idea.

“We can’t do that, you know that. We’re fine just staying here and leaving in the morning. Getting freaked out about this shit is stupid.”

“Fine,” Jeremy yelled and jumped to his feet.

He stomped back to where he left his drink ingredients, mixed himself up another and took a big slug.

“Make me one of those too?” I said.

Jeremy mixed me up a drink and very quickly we touched our old McDonalds cups in a toast to The Shack and chugged the first of a number of drinks we would down before retiring back to our bunks.



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