You’re Going To Fall For The Wrong People

You’re Going To Fall For The Wrong People

Even if you have a good head on your shoulders, even if you’re wise beyond your years, even if you think you have good taste, you’re going to make mistakes in love. You’re going to get infatuated with the wrong people. You’re going to chase after the wrong souls. You’re going to end up with a cracked, bleeding heart.

You’re not always going to make the right decisions when it comes to dating — and that doesn’t make you inexperienced or gullible or naive. It makes you human. Sometimes, you’re going to chase after someone for much longer than you should. Other times, you’re going to give up on relationships much earlier than you should.

You’re not always going to know which move is the right move. Your heart isn’t always going to be clear about what it wants.

Sometimes, you won’t even know what will make you happy. You’ll have to test out different relationships in order to see what works for you. You’ll have to fall in love, get your heart broken, and fall in love all over again. You’ll have to keep taking a chance on relationships, even when it feels like they’re never going to work out for you.

No matter how cautious you are with your heart, you’re not always going to fall in love with the right people. Sometimes, you’re going to get involved for the worst possible person for you. Sometimes, you’re going to stay up past midnight, crying your eyes out over the way someone special has treated you. Sometimes, you’re going to get hit with the realization you’re the only one who has been putting effort into the relationship, the only one who sees potential in the relationship.

Sometimes, you’re going to fall for the wrong people. You’re going to get your heart broken. You’re going to look back and wonder how you could have been so stupid — but you weren’t stupid. You were only trying to figure your heart out. You were only trying to connect with another soul. You didn’t do anything wrong. You took a chance on love and you should be proud of yourself for that. And you should also be proud of yourself for leaving the situation as soon as you realized it wasn’t what you were hoping for in the beginning.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a skeptic or a romantic. It doesn’t matter whether you usually keep your guard high or wear your heart on your sleeve. Either way, there is going to be a time when you fall for the wrong person — and when that happens, you can’t be too hard on yourself. You can’t call yourself an idiot and swear off of relationships forever. You can’t let one heartbreak convince you to give up on love, to give up on yourself.

Sometimes, you’re going to get hurt, but you have the strength to heal yourself. You have the strength to climb back up from where you’ve fallen. You have the strength to let your heart love again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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