Stop Staying In One-Sided Relationships

Stop staying in one-sided relationships because you are a people pleaser. Because you do not see any problem with going out of your way for them, even though they would never do the same for you.

Stop assuming you need to overextend yourself in order to win their affection. You should not have to sacrifice your time and sanity and sense of peace in order to make them like you more. You should not have to fight this hard for them to pay attention to you.

Your person should be excited to receive texts from you, not ready to ignore them if they are not interesting enough.

Your person should be counting down the hours until they get to see you again, not coming up with excuses for why they need to cancel.

Your person should be just as enamored by you as you are by them. The relationship should not be uneven, unbalanced, unfair. It should not be this complicated.

Stop staying in one-sided relationships because you feel like you are on the brink of convincing them to change their mind about you. That is not going to happen. They are not going to wake up one morning and magically start appreciating you, even though up until this point they have only been taking you for granted.

If you want a relationship where you are respected, you need to find a new relationship.

It does not matter how hard you fight to fix what is broken, because you only have one set of hands. The relationship is never going to grow and flourish unless you are both exerting effort.

That means you can cook them dinner, drive them when they’re drunk, give them multiple orgasms, and shower them in compliments — but none of that is going to make them love you more. You cannot control the strength of their feelings for you. You cannot even control your own feelings.

If someone is undervaluing you, it is not your responsibility to prove them wrong. You should not have to show someone why you have worth. They should be able to see that from the start.

Stop staying in one-sided relationships because you love the person and cannot stand to be apart, because obviously they do not feel the same way. They do not share your concerns.

They are perfectly happy getting drunk with their friends and forgetting to text you back. They do not consider you a priority. They do not consider you permanent. In their eyes, you are replaceable. Otherwise, they would not be ignoring you in this way. They would not risk losing you.

Stop staying in one-sided relationships because you are meant to be spoiled, not stressed. You should not feel like you have to carry every conversation and mend every fight. You should not feel like you are in charge of making sure conversations are initiated and dates are planned, because if you stopped trying, you would never see them again.

Stop staying in one-sided relationships because you deserve more than fickle love. You deserve forever love. The kind of love you don’t have to reach for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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