12 Signs You Should Stop Chasing After Him

chasing after him
Unsplash / Fernando Brasil

1. You are getting tired of doing all of the work. You are always the one planning to get together, sending the first text, liking his selfies, and finding ways to continue the conversation before it prematurely dies. If you stopped initiating conversations, then you two would stop talking.

2. You have been feeling shitty about yourself lately. You keep wondering whether you should lose weight or dye your hair or get a tan — and it’s because of him. Because he hasn’t been paying enough attention to you and you cannot figure out why. Because you want to make him like you in any way possible, even if that means changing core pieces of yourself.

3. You have a feeling he doesn’t want to be caught. He flirts with you half of the time, but the other half of the time he ignores you. He keeps bouncing back and forth between acting like you are the love of his life and acting like you are invisible. His mixed signals are making you wonder whether he is actually interested in dating you or whether you are only a way to pass the time.

4. Nothing is working. It doesn’t matter how many times you compliment him on his appearance or ask him to hang out at your place or dress sexy to see him because he still hasn’t asked you out. You’re not sure what else you can do because you have already tried everything. 

5. You feel like you are being taken for granted. Like you are unappreciated. Like he hasn’t even realized how much you have done for him.

6. You feel more like a backup plan than a priority. It seems like he only  wants to talk to you on his terms. When he is bored. When he is drunk. When he is lonely. The rest of the time, it’s like you don’t even exist in his world.

7. You are getting the short end of the stick. You have been bending over backwards to make him happy, but you aren’t getting anything in return. You are making sacrifices and not being rewarded for them. He gets exactly what he wants but you never get anything you want.

8. A long time has passed. You have known him for a while. You have been pursuing him for a while. As much as you hate to admit it, you feel like if you were going to become a couple it should have happened by now.

9. You are not getting anywhere. You keep asking him to hang out, but it never happens. You keep telling him you love him, but he never says it back. You keep asking him about your label, but he never answers.

10. Your friends are telling you to forget about him. They can see the situation clearly while you are blinded by your feelings. They know how toxic he is for you.

11. You have been crying yourself to sleep at night. Your stomach drops whenever you see him post a picture with another girl, whenever he takes days to respond to your messages, whenever he makes it clear you are not on his mind. You don’t understand why your feelings seem stronger than his.

12. You know, deep down, that you deserve more than a one-sided love. You deserve someone who texts you first. Who plans thoughtful dates a week in advance. Who calls you on the car ride over because he cannot wait to hear your voice. Do not settle for less than that. Not even if you think he’s worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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