Date The Girl Who Was There For You Through It All

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Don’t date the girl who waits hours to answer your texts or lies about being too busy to see you, because she wants you to fight for her attention. Don’t date the girl who gives you nothing when you give her everything.

Don’t date the girl who acts like relationships are a game, because you shouldn’t feel alone when you’re sitting beside the person you love. You should feel comfortable, safe, secure.

Date the girl who answers your texts when it’s important, even if it’s past her bedtime and she really needs to get some rest for work the next morning. 

Date the girl who listens to you rant about your boss or your best friend or your parents, even if you’ve had the same complaints for months and are only repeating yourself. 

Date the girl you’re comfortable crying in front of because you know that she will never tease you about it. That she will choose to hold you close and help you get through the pain. 

Date the girl who stops you from driving when you’re drunk, who wakes you up when you’re late from work, who reminds you of your worth when you’re feeling low.

Date the girl who is willing to sit by your side and work through issues with you instead of walking away and leaving you to deal with your problems on your own. 

Date the girl who was there for you through it all — and make sure you return the favor. Because she deserves the same kind of affection that she’s been giving you. She deserves your love and attention, because she always gives you hers. 

Date the girl who has proved time and time again that she will always be there for you, because life sucks. It isn’t easy — and neither are relationships. There are going to be bad days. There are going to be issues you struggle to get through.

You can’t date someone who only wants to be around when you’re in a good mood, who stays when you want kisses and leaves as soon as you want to talk about real life issues.

You need to date someone who views herself as your equal, as your partner. Who realizes that your problems are her problems and her problems are your problems. That you two are a team.

Date the girl who was there for you through it all, because relationships need reliability, dependability, trust.

Relationships never work when one person is easily scared, when they run as soon as things get uncomfortable. They only work when both parties are dedicated to each other, when they have their hearts set on fixing whatever breaks.

Date the girl who was there for you through it all, because she’s seen you at your lowest, and her love for you hasn’t wavered. It’s still as strong as ever.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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