12 Ways He Keeps You Interested When He Doesn’t Want To Date You

Girl who is interested in a boy
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1. He will treat you like a queen — but only when you’re alone. When there are other people around, he won’t get too close to you. He doesn’t want anyone to assume you’re dating, because he wants to keep his options open.

2. He likes your Instagram pictures to remind you he finds you attractive — but he won’t initiate an actual conversation with you, because he’s hoping you will take that step now that he is on your mind again.

3. He will text you to let you know how much he misses you — but he won’t take things a step further by making actual plans with you.

4. He will flirt with you like a madman when he sees you in person — but when you are out of sight, you will be out of his mind. He will drop off the face of the planet, avoiding texts and dodging phone calls. Of course, when he runs into you again, he will act like nothing is wrong. Like he never left. Like everything is normal between you.

5. He will cuddle with you, hold your hand, and kiss you like a boyfriend would do — but whenever he refers to you, he will only call you a friend. If you ask him about labels, he will make some sort of excuse about seeing where things go or about how he’s not ready for a relationship right now. 

6. He will get jealous whenever you start spending more time with another guy, making you think that he wants you all to himself, which he does — but at the same time, he thinks he’s still allowed to flirt with other girls. He is a complete hypocrite. He wants you to stay loyal, but he doesn’t want to commit himself.

7. If he actual initiates a conversation for a change, he will say something vague. Hey or what’s up. He won’t put in the effort to ask you a question or mention that something cute reminded him of you. He will hope you’ll do the work. You’ll decide what to talk about. You’ll send the long texts and he can continue sending one or two words.

8. He will watch your snap story so you know he is paying attention and hasn’t forgotten about you — but he won’t screenshot the picture or contact you in any way. He will put in minimal effort to show that you are still on his radar.

9. He will sit close to you. He will get touchy with you. He might even sleep with you — but the next day he will pull himself away from you. He keeps going back and forth between acting like you’re his everything and acting like you’re nothing.

10. He will blow up your phone with you busy? messages on drunken nights — but the second he’s sober again, the second it’s morning again, he won’t want to hang out anymore.

11. On the days when he actually invites you to hang out, he brings you straight to his place — but he never takes you on a proper date. He calls it hanging out, even if there is sex involved.

12. He will answer your snaps anytime you send them, because he wants to see what’s inside — but he has a tendency to ignore your texts. He would rather talk to you (and all the other girls he’s pursuing) on an app that erases evidence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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