Stop Texting Him

A girl texting him
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Stop texting him when there is a high probability he isn’t going to give you a quick response. Stop texting him when he has gone hours, days, weeks without answering you in the past. Stop texting him when you know there is a chance he will glance at his phone, see your name, and ignore you completely.

Stop checking your phone every two seconds. Stop jumping at notifications because you are awaiting his reply — and getting annoyed when it is only a friend or a parent texting you instead of him. Stop letting your thoughts run back to him when there are better things to focus on. Stop making him the center of your universe.

Stop texting him when you are always the one who initiates the conversations. When you are the one tasked with shifting topics when another one dies to keep the conversation going. When you are the one typing blocks of text and receiving one-word answers.

You shouldn’t be doing all of the work in a relationship — even when it comes to something as simple as texting. If you are the only one reaching out, then he must not care about you as much as you care about him. He must not want to hear from you as badly as you want to hear from him.

That is why you need to ignore your urge to text him. Don’t say hey. Don’t ask him what he has planned for the weekend. Don’t lie to yourself about how you have to ask him an important question when you could easily Google the answer.

Stop texting him when you know it’s not going to lead anywhere. Even if he responds to you, even if you have a flirtatious conversation that further convinces you he has feelings for you, he is never going to invite you to his place. He is never going to take you out for dinner and a movie. He is never going to take the relationship from texting over the phone to talking from across a table.

What is the point of talking to someone who likes you enough to flirt with you, to string you along, and to text you, but not enough to take you on an official date? Why would you waste your energy on him? Why would you get your hopes up for him?

You should stop texting him if he only gives you attention when he is drunk, high, or horny. Stop texting him if he only answers you after midnight. Stop texting him if he makes you feel like a backup plan, a second choice, the person to turn to when everybody else is busy.

Stop texting him when you know you are only going to end up disappointed again. Stop texting him when you know he isn’t going to give you the response you’ve been daydreaming about in the shower. Stop texting him when there are a million other people who deserve your attention more than he does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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