This Is The Real Reason He Sucks At Texting Back

Girl waiting for a text back
Unsplash / Vinicius Amano

If it takes him days to answer your messages, if he gives short replies, if he leaves you on read — then you shouldn’t expect to enter a relationship anytime soon. He doesn’t suck at texting back. He sucks at texting you back.

You’ve been trying to figure out why his texts are so erratic, why sometimes he answers you in two seconds and sometimes keeps you waiting for a full week — but the answer is clear.

He only messages you back when he’s bored. When he’s lonely. When he’s drunk. When he’s horny. When he doesn’t have anything better to do than type on his phone. He might want you for a night, but he doesn’t want to date you.

There are exceptions to this rule. Maybe he can’t take his phone out during work hours and only has time to talk to you late at night when he’s back at home. Maybe he has a bad memory and answering you honestly slips his mind. Maybe his battery drains quickly. Maybe he isn’t a technology person.

Or maybe you aren’t a priority. Maybe he glances at his notifications, sees your name, and then waits to read whatever you had to say because the thought of you isn’t giving him butterflies. He’s not dying to know what the rest of your message said. He’s not eager to get back to you so you can continue the conversation.

He isn’t as excited about hearing from you as you are about hearing from him. He doesn’t write and rewrite texts to make them perfect the way you do. He doesn’t sit there and imagine what you’re doing while waiting for an answer the way you do. He doesn’t get upset when he doesn’t hear back from you for days the way you do.

As much as you want to deny it, you like him more than he likes you. You’re the one who cares more. That’s why you keep texting him first, even though he hasn’t answered the last three times. That’s why you try so hard to keep the conversation going after he sends you one-word answers. That’s why you get stressed out, just texting him.

He always makes you wait. He always makes you wonder. You usually make excuses for him, but you can’t keep letting his neglect slide.

If you’re being completely honest with yourself, you know the chances are that he has his phone on him at all times. He knows that you messaged him. He knows that you’re waiting for a response. He knows.

Unless he hasn’t had a spare moment all week long, then he is choosing not to answer you. He is choosing to post on Instagram and Facebook while your messages sit in his inbox. He is choosing to ignore you while he does other things, replies to other people.

And, now, you have to choose to do what’s right for yourself. Choose to delete his number. Don’t let him take up space in your heart or your phone anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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