16 Signs You Are Actually His First Priority


1. He shows up on time. He never leaves you waiting. If he says he’s going to meet you for dinner at 7:00, then he’ll be there at 7:00. Maybe even a few minutes earlier.

2. He cares about the things you care about. If something is important to you, then it’s important to him. He wants to hear all about it. He wants to share the excitement with you.

3. He’ll go out of his way for you. If your car breaks down, he’ll drive miles to pick you up. If you’re crying in your bedroom, he’ll do the same. Whenever you need him, he’ll be there. No questions asked.

4. He plans dates. He doesn’t expect you to do all of the work in the relationship. He comes up with date ideas, too. He can be romantic, too.

5. He helps you fix things. If you have a problem, he doesn’t nod his head and say, ‘that sucks.’ He tries to help you find a solution. He cares about your happiness even more than you do.

6. He brings you wherever he goes. Barbecues. Weddings. Family dinners. High school reunions. Whenever he’s invited somewhere, he invites you to come with him.

7. He shows you off. He introduces you to his friends, his parents, his coworkers. He brags about you every chance he gets. He wants the world to know that you’re an item.

8. He makes plans for the future. He doesn’t ask to see you at the last second. He sets plans for Friday on Monday. He thinks ahead.

9. He dries your tears. He isn’t the one causing them. He’s the one holding you close and calming you down. He always does whatever it takes to see you smile again.

10. He sets aside time to see you. He admits that he misses you — and he acts on it. He clears his schedule so he can spend as much time with you as possible.

11. He puts in effort during sex. He’s not the only one enjoying the moment. He makes sure that you get something out of it, too.

12. He makes decisions with you. He never surprises you with big purchases. Whenever he has a life changing choice to make, he has a discussion with you about it, because you’re a team.

13. He remembers the little things. Your favorite flowers. Your cousins’ names. Your ring size. He has them all memorized.

14. He’s loyal. His Tinder has been deleted. His exes are part of his past. He never flirts with any other girls, because he only wants one.

15. He texts back quickly. He doesn’t play any games. When you message him, he messages back as soon as he gets the opportunity.

16. The relationship doesn’t feel one-sided. For the first time, you don’t feel like you’re the one putting in all the work. Like you’re the one that cares more. Everything feels equal. It feels rightTC mark

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