He Doesn’t Want To Date You, But That Isn’t The End Of The World

Girl who isn't going to date her crush
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He doesn’t want to date you. That’s why he keeps sending mixed signals. That’s why it takes him so long to answer texts. That’s why he always cancels plans. That’s why he gets quiet whenever you ask him about your future. That’s why he keeps claiming that he’s not ready for a real relationship. That’s why he keeps hurting you again and again with short breaks in between.

He doesn’t want to date you. He is never going to fall asleep inside of your arms and cook you breakfast in the morning. He is never going to agree to dinner with your grandparents over the holidays. He is never going to adopt a dog with you. He is never going to take you on a real date. He is never going to introduce you as his girlfriend. He is never going to give you the relationship you have been daydreaming about since you first met him.

It isn’t going to happen. He isn’t going to date you — but that isn’t the end of the world.

You don’t need someone who picks and chooses when you deserve attention. Someone who expects you to text back within two seconds, even though he sometimes takes days to get back to you. You don’t need someone who keeps claiming that he misses you, that he would love to see you, but can never find the time because he’s just so busy with work. You don’t need someone who talks a big game but never actually follows through with his actions.

You don’t need someone who doesn’t need you. You are better off without him. It might not feel like it now, but you are going to be happier without him.

You are going to be happier when you stop analyzing every word that comes out of his mouth, when you stop reading into his minuscule actions, when you stop scrolling through his social media and feeling your stomach sink when he posts pictures with other girls. You are going to be happier when you let the idea of dating him go, when you accept that he is never going to be your boyfriend and that it’s actually a good thing.

You’re better off single than with someone who can’t do something as simple as text you back. With someone who struggles to treat you with respect. With someone who takes advantage of your soft heart.

He doesn’t want to date you, because he can’t see the beauty right in front of him. He doesn’t appreciate everything that you have been doing for him. He doesn’t understand how lucky he is to know you. He doesn’t realize how amazing you are, because he hasn’t been paying attention. He has been neglecting you. He has been playing you. He has been leading you on.

Even though it seems like he likes you at least a little, he doesn’t want to date you — and that’s a good thing, because you don’t need someone that blind in your life anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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