Date Someone You Can Imagine Owning A Dog With

Emily & Steve Photography
Emily & Steve Photography

Date someone who’s willing to spend hours at an adoption center with you, because he feels bad about choosing between all of the cute puppies. If he could, he’d take every single one of them home.

Date someone who won’t mind naming your dog after your favorite fictional character, even though he realizes how embarrassing it’ll be for his friends to hear him say “Jesse Pupman” or “Walter Woof.”

Date someone who acts out your dog’s voice randomly throughout the day, because he thinks he knows exactly what the animal is thinking.

Date someone who won’t move a muscle if the puppy falls asleep on his lap, because he would rather hold in his pee for hours than make his pet uncomfortable for a split second.

Date someone who will give you a Mother’s Day gift from the dog whenever the holiday rolls around.

Date someone who will take the dog on a walk every single morning, even if it’s freezing out or pouring rain, because he knows how much his furry friend enjoys looking at all the squirrels that scamper by.

Date someone who feels bad about leaving the house for too long, because he doesn’t want the dog to get lonely.

Date someone who will support your idea of putting your pet on the front of all of the holiday cards you send out in December, even if that means you’ll have to waste a few hours trying to take the perfect picture for it.

Date someone who can’t take a trip to the pet store to pick up food without bringing home a new ball or rope toy for the pup to play with.

Date someone who’s just as excited to see the dog when they walk through the door as the dog is to see him.

Date someone who will spam their Instagram and Facebook feeds with pictures of the puppy, because he honestly thinks it’s the cutest dog that has ever existed.

Date someone who will help you throw an elaborate birthday party for the dog every single year, complete with cake and presents.

Date someone who will treat the dog like your child instead of a pet. That means he’ll call you “mama” and refer to himself as “papa.”

Date someone who doesn’t mind walking out of the house with jeans covered in dog hair, because he cares more about the dog’s happiness than the opinions of strangers he’ll pass on the stress.

Date someone who yells at the puppy for going to the bathroom in the house, but then immediately feels bad about it, because he never wants his baby to feel sad or scared.

Date someone who brags about the dog to his friends more than he brags about his house, his car, or his job.

Date someone who doesn’t throw a fit whenever he gets drool on his lap or a face full of wet kisses, because he knows it means he’s loved.

Date someone who gives in and lets the dog share the bed with the two of you, even if it means that he’ll barely have any room for himself.

Date someone who never forgets to bring home leftovers, because he always thinks that the dog deserves a special treat.

Date someone who shares your belief that dogs are better than people. Aside from you, of course. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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