Date Someone You Are Actually Excited To See

Girl excited to see someone
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Date someone you enjoy spending your time with, someone you count down the days until you see, someone you daydream about while you’re stuck in class because you would rather be with them.

Date someone who you are actually excited to see, someone who makes your heart race, someone who makes your pulse speed.

It sounds obvious, but too many people end up in relationships that make them feel drained. Too many people force themselves to go on dates when they would rather stay home and catch up on Netflix. Too many people stay in relationships that aren’t doing anything for them, because they feel like it’s better than being single again.

You shouldn’t wake up on the morning you’re meant to visit your person and wish you could stay in bed for a few more hours. Wish you didn’t have to get dressed and drive all the way down to their place. Wish that you could spend the day finishing chores or having fun with friends or getting overtime at work instead of going to see them.

You shouldn’t be turned off when your person keeps asking you when you are going to be free, even though you already told them your schedule is packed and you wish they would drop the subject. You shouldn’t be annoyed when they text you three times in a row. You shouldn’t be bothered by their affection.

If you aren’t willing to rearrange your schedule to hang out with them, if you let your busyness stop you from seeing them more than a few times per month, if you don’t even miss them when you go weeks without meeting face-to-face — then you probably shouldn’t be dating them. You probably shouldn’t be in a relationship where going on dates with them is considered a chore.

Your person shouldn’t be the center your world revolves around, but they shouldn’t be a nuisance either. You shouldn’t be grabbing dinner with them, but wishing you were with sipping drinks with your friends instead. You shouldn’t be watching movies with them, but wishing you were with an ex instead. You shouldn’t be sleeping in their bed, but wishing you were in your own house, in your own bed, alone instead.

You shouldn’t be in a relationship where you’re always happier without them than alongside them. You shouldn’t date someone who you dread seeing. You shouldn’t date someone who adds extra stress to your day instead of enhancing it.

You should date someone who you would happily drive an hour to hang out with for thirty minutes, because every second with them is worth it to you. Because you want to spend as much time with them as humanly possible. Because you don’t care what it takes to see them. You would cross the earth for them if you had to do so.

Date someone you are actually excited to see on weekends. Someone you actually consider a close friend. Someone who you not only love, but you also like. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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