33 Things That Automatically Turn Men Off (Even If You’re Extremely Attractive)

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1. When a woman talks shit about everyone — even her closest friends that she’s super sweet to in person.

2. When a woman views every other woman as her competition.

3. When a woman teases him about something that hits too close to home (like the bald spot atop his head).

4. When a woman gets ridiculously drunk, sloppy, and downright mean.

5. When a woman talks about babies way too early on in the relationship.

6. When a woman has no idea what’s going on in the world, no matter whether it has to do with politics or celebrity gossip.

7. When a woman checks the mirror every five seconds.

8. When a woman looks down at her phone when he’s in the middle of speaking.

9. When a woman has poor hygiene and bad breath.

10. When a woman can’t hold a conversation with him.

11. When a woman checks out every other guy that walks past.

12. When a woman talks nonstop without asking him a single question about himself.

13. When a woman’s life revolves entirely around him (or men in general).

14. When a woman tries to one-up him whenever he opens his mouth.

15. When a woman is a sore loser and doesn’t have any fun bowling or playing pool, unless she’s the winner.

16. When a woman needs the most expensive wine, clothes, and pocketbooks in order to be happy.

17. When a woman can’t spell or form a grammatically correct sentence.

18. When a woman takes nonstop selfies and forces him to join in, even when he’s not in the mood.

19. When a woman hates animals and freaks out whenever a dog or cat goes near her.

20. When a woman sleeps around, even though she’s in an “exclusive relationship.”

21. When a woman has no clear goals for her future.

22. When a woman claims that she’s “fine,” even though she’s clearly pissed off.

23. When a woman freaks out whenever he wants to have a night out with the boys.

24. When a woman gives him ultimatums or threatens him in order to get what she wants.

25. When a woman focuses on all of the negatives in life instead of the positives.

26. When a woman doesn’t even try to get along with his parents and closest friends.

27. When a woman doesn’t do any work in the bedroom.

28. When a woman only dates men that reach a certain height.

29. When a woman gets jealous easily.

30. When a woman makes fun of his music taste.

31. When a woman fights with him over every little thing.

32. When a woman compares him to other men.

33. When a woman doesn’t realize her beauty and worth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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