Even The Strongest Girls Break Down Sometimes

A strong girl breaking down
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Even the strongest girls have gotten tipsy and cried their eyes out inside of bathroom stalls. They have taken extra shots and sips of beer when they should have turned the offers down. They have sent drunken texts to exes when they should have chosen silence instead.

Even the strongest girls have woken up in the middle of the night, scared to death of everything and nothing at all. They have stared at the clock and struggled to sleep as their worst memories strangled them. They have wished someone else was sharing the bed with them, just so they didn’t feel so alone.

Even the strongest girls have kept their pajamas on from morning until noon, because they didn’t see the point in getting dressed. They have smashed snooze again, even though they should have been ready hours ago. They have canceled plans with their closest friends, because they couldn’t bring themselves to socialize that day.

Even the strongest girls have bottled their emotions up inside instead of telling someone who matters to them about what has been bothering them. They have faked smiles and pretended that they were perfectly fine, because they were too embarrassed to admit the truth. Because they would rather ache alone.

Even the strongest girls have had moments of weakness where their bad habits got the best of them. They have bitten their nails until they bled. They have pulled at their hair until it fell out. They have smoked cigarettes and packed bongs and had sex with people that they probably shouldn’t have.

Even the strongest girls have experienced times when they felt like the opposite of strong. When they have felt like a hot mess, a train wreck, a confused young girl who had no idea what she was doing in life.

Even the strongest girls have felt lost. Like there was no point in living. Like no one cared about them and no one would notice if they were gone. Like everything was meaningless in the end.

Even the strongest girls have made mistakes, because they are human. They are imperfect. They are flawed.

But their strength allowed them to move passed their past. It helped them grow, helped them develop, helped them mature.

No matter what kind of bullshit they were forced to deal with, no matter how far down they had fallen, they always found a way to claw back to solid ground. They refused to let their heartaches and hardships hurt them forever. They went through a period of pain — and then they moved the hell on.

Even the strongest girls break down sometimes, but they understand that their vulnerable moments are nothing to be ashamed of. Even after all of the horrors they have gone through, they are still optimistic, they still see the good in life and in themselves.

They might have felt weak when things didn’t go their way, but after the stress ebbed away and the tears turned dry, they realized that those moments actually made them even stronger. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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