Date The Person Who Has Seen You At Your Lowest Point (And Still Stuck Around)

Girl at her lowest point
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Date someone who has seen you during the moments when you swore you were unlovable. During the moments that you always assumed would be deal breakers. During the moments when you wished you could disappear.

Date someone who rolls their eyes when you tell them they could do better. Someone who doesn’t believe you’re hard to love, even though you’re convinced that you are. Someone who would honestly still pick you, even if they could have anyone else in the world.

Date someone who has seen you at your ugliest. At your lowest possible point. Someone who was there for you when you hit rock bottom and didn’t run off out of fear. Someone who made the choice to stick around, but to them, it didn’t feel like much of a choice at all because they would never dream of leaving you behind. They would never give up on you. They would never.

Date someone who has seen you cry your eyes out over your cousin’s death, over your parent’s divorce, over your own self-hatred. Someone who has watched you sob so hard that your words became unintelligible. Someone who has wrapped an arm around you and refused to let go, even when you were trying your hardest to push them away, to tell them that they don’t understand, that they could never understand.

Date someone who has seen you overreact over things that seem insignificant to the rest of the world. Date someone who has heard you go on twenty minute rants about how much you hate your life. Someone who has heard you scream every curse word in the book about that bitch who screwed you over. Someone who has seen you at your absolute nastiest and didn’t judge you over any of it, even when they probably should have.

Date someone who has seen you blackout drunk. Wobbling on your feet. Slurring your words. Someone who has helped you to the bathroom and wiped the vomit off your lips. Someone who has brought you water to sip before bed and cooked you breakfast the next morning, even if they were secretly annoyed that you let your drinking get so out of hand.

Date someone who has seen you during the moments you’re most embarrassed about. The moments you won’t even tell your closest friends about, because you’re so ashamed. Because you wish you could pluck the memories from your head.

Date someone who isn’t under the impression that you’re perfect. Someone who has seen firsthand how horrible of a human being you can be. Someone who accepts your darkness, because even though you feel like a complete mess without a handle on her emotions, you treat them right. You never neglect them. You never yell at them. You never give them less than they deserve. You are a good girlfriend to them. And even though you see yourself as flawed, they consider you a kind person at heart.

Date someone who has seen you at your best and at your absolute worst and still sticks around, because nothing can change how much they love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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