Date A Boy Who Is Proud To Call You His Girlfriend

Girlfriend who is dating a boy
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Date a boy who holds your pocketbook for you when you run to the bathroom or lets you slip your lipstick into his jeans because the pockets in your pants are fake. A boy who isn’t afraid of being spotted in Sephora with you and letting you sample colors on the back of his hand. A boy who will happily add tampons to his grocery list and pick them up himself. A boy who doesn’t mind doing sweet things for his girlfriend, even though some ignorant strangers might judge him for it.

Date a boy who wears the ring or bracelet or necklace you bought him and refuses to take it off. A boy who hangs up pictures of you on his fridge (or assigns them as his phone’s wallpaper) so he can look at your face every chance he gets. A boy who lets you keep your toothbrush beside his and your bras scattered across the bedroom. A boy who leaves little reminders of you all around the house, because he can’t stand when you aren’t there.

Date a boy who introduces you as his girlfriend when you run into someone he knows during a dinner date. A boy who changes his relationship status and his profile picture so that everyone in his life sees that you’re together. A boy who piles heart emojis next to your name on his contact list, even though other people might see it on the screen and poke fun at him. A boy who is so damn proud to call you his girlfriend.

Date a boy who holds your hand and squeezes when you’re driving in the car. Who rests an arm around your shoulders when you’re watching a movie in the theater. Who hugs you from behind when you’re waiting on line at the grocery store. Date a boy who touches you, even if there are plenty of people around to see it.

Date a boy who brings you home to meet his parents and builds you up the entire time, so you don’t ever have to worry about making a good first impression. Someone who invites you over for holidays to spend time with the rest of his family, from his fifty-year-old aunts to his little cousins. Someone who wants you around all the time, because he already considers you a part of the family.

Date a boy who talks about you to everyone who will listen. A boy who comes home from work and mentions how his coworkers asked to see a picture of you and were talking about how pretty you were. A boy who comes home from a night out with the boys and lets you know they were discussing your future wedding. A boy who isn’t afraid to gush about how deeply he loves you.

Date a boy who is proud to call you his girlfriend. A boy who wants the world to know that you are an item. A boy who still can’t believe how lucky he has gotten, even after all of this time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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